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Why the United States and European countries are worst affected by covid-19?

The United States and European countries are facing the worst effects of the covid-19 pandemic. Around 75% of the corona positive cases come from us and a few European countries only. The region has already observed more than 30,000 fatalities and is still struggling with around 75% of total active positive cases. The United state alone has around 188,000 infected corona patients which are most in the world followed by Italy and Spain both countries have also surpassed 100,00 positive cases mark. There are several regions which have led this havoc like situation in these countries. The situation is almost out of control and they have no way to get rid of this crisis. The United States President Donald Trump mentioned in the press brief on Wednesday that the next few weeks are going to be painful and we must prepare ourselves to face hard times. The state is expecting total fatality from 100,000 to 240,000 in this pandemic. This is such a huge number it is alone enough to give heart attack and goosebumps to many. We have made some studies to understand fundamental regions of these countries being the worst victims of the crisis. Let us understand the lapses and problematic regions one by one which has taken a thousand lives.

United States coronavirus cases and reasons

1. Business hub

The country is not only the super boss of the globe, but it is also a business and technological hub in the world. The United States is powerful not only because of its army and weapons but also because of its economy, technology, business houses and its commercial control on most parts of the world. The United state’s relation with china has slightly diminished in the trump regime but the business among both nations is huge which led to millions of people’s interactions in both the countries. Thousands of students from china go to us for their studies whereas peoples from us keep visiting China for commercial purposes. Many reasons as such lead to transmission of peoples in both the country which has easily made the virus accessible to the United States.  

2. Strong trade relations with China.

Despite the strong business conflict between both the countries, the import and export of goods in massive amounts was continued which might also be the reason for virus transmission. 

3. Bipolar tourists movements 

The United States is one of the tops and favourite tourist destinations for millions and that has become a medium for virus transmission. Thousands of people from China visit the state for tourism whereas Americans visiting China as tourists are vice versa. 

4. Late preventive and preemptive reaction.

No doubt that the United state has made a very late reaction to tackle the virus. If the Trump government would have taken the necessary measures on time then the number would have been controlled…  

5. Delayed lockdown

We know president trump is a pro-business leader but his decision to delay lockdown has helped the country to go in a crisis. Even now schools in many US provinces are open, the government is waiting for those kids to get infected I guess. 

7. Casual public approach

After lockdown, thousands of state natives found assembled and partying on a beach. When a reporter asked about corona pandemic a man replied- “ if I get corona, I get corona, but I can’t simply stop myself from partying.” This has also not helped the authorities, people here in the United States have recognized the severity of the pandemic very late and that was enough late to infect millions in the coming days one of my sources said. 

8. Late testing’s

The United ate has initially taken the outbreak so casually that they were so reluctant to test people and this is why the situation today is so terrible. Thousands of people moved inside the United States undergoing any screening in the last 3 months. Initially, the Trump government did not even permit the health departments to develop their health testing kits. 

 European countries.

  1. Most of the European countries which are worst affected by the crisis like France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and the United Kingdom are the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Millions of people visit for touriˆsms in these countries every year from various parts of the world. 
  2. No doubt the beauty of these nations has become the reason for their crisis, thousands of movements of Chinese citizens to these countries and vice versa have led Europe to world war 2 like the situation in Europe.
  3. These countries also have a strong and massive trade relation with china which is also a possible reason for the virus transmission.
the spread of coronavirus in Europe.

4. . The countries like Italy and Spain have initially not taken the corona outbreak seriously and resultant to which they were delayed in taking necessary measures to prevent such a massive community transmission of the virus. 

5. Late response and casual approach of European nations and making in and outflow of peoples without screening has taken the situation to such drastic damage. 

 6. The world is hopeless and clueless on how to handle and get rid of the situation, we can only be hopeful for now to end this pandemic as soon as possible and bring back normalcy. May God bless us all and let the peace and life prevail. 

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Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
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