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Where is our new generation going: the boy’s locker room incident has forced us to ask this question.

Where the new generation of kids are going? The boy’s locker room incident is going to be a testimony of teenage mindset, the uncivilized attitude of teenagers studying in prestigious schools to their classmate’s girls. This says that the moral values that are being snatched cannot be compensated by paying costly fees to schools. Sanskars are also necessary to build the foundations of thinking. The ugly and obscene comments made in this Instagram chat room are enough to tell which direction today’s generation is going?
In the world of social media glare and appearances, the thinking of the new generation is lost, the criminal tendency is also being promoted. Sadly, virtual platforms that came into existence to connect and encourage dialogue are now creating chaotic and illegal environments. Recently surfaced Instagram’s chat group boys locker room is the hallmark of this. People are shocked to know the case of the boy’s locker room from the capital city of Delhi. Part of the conversation in the group shows that the girls were being planned to be gang-raped.

instagram chat boys locker room incident

This social media group of teenage boys has also revealed indecent, obscene talk about girls and their objectionable pictures. Not only that, but the members of the group also manipulated the images of the girls and made derogatory remarks on them. In particular, the plans to do obscene and immoral acts with minor girls are frightening. It may be recalled that the Delhi Commission for Women had issued notices to Instagram and Delhi police in the case and expressed strong displeasure. Now, 20 other students of the chat group have been identified by arresting a school student in the boy’s locker room chat group case. Also, Instagram has removed objectionable content related to non-adult girls after the group’s chat screenshots went viral. The virtual world’s case has brought a disgusting mindset of women in the minds and minds of adolescents in the real world. That is why it is not only parents and teachers of school children who are going to surprise the entire society.

Boys locker room Instagram chat incident.

Such a negative and disrespectful attitude towards their classmates and friend girls of teenage boys studying in prestigious schools has emerged as a hallmark of their mindset, which says that the moral values that are being snatched can not be compensated by paying expensive fees to schools. Sanskars are also necessary to build the foundations of thinking. The ugly and obscene comments made in this Instagram chat room are enough to tell which direction today’s generation is going? At an age when there is no sophisticated understanding, the plans to telegraph someone’s identity are unfortunate. The boys who operate this chat group are 16 to 18 years old. A girl who disclosed this in a post on Instagram wrote that there is a group of boys aged 17-18 years in South Delhi, named boys locker room, where photographs of young girls were being tampered with and made objectionably. Two boys from my school are part of it.

The girl was informed of the group from her friend who joined the group. Now many pictures of the boys’ locker room are going viral on social media. In which there are very disrespectful and objectionable things about girls. These boys, like frustration and sexual violence towards women, have shared here that they are going to question our entire socio-family and educational environment. Such cases are intimidating not only to the parents of children studying in schools but also to parents in every part of the country. At a young age, such children who are victims of a sickening mindset can become enemies of anyone’s identity. Not only that, the photos that are tampered with on such platforms also put forward privacy hazards. We have come across several cases where the girls committed suicide after they were put on social media by playing with photos.

Boys locker room instagram chat and boy suicide incident.

It is also an essential question as to how safe are social media platforms for users? Why is there a risk of privacy from personal information to photographs? Especially for women, it is disturbing where and how their pictures are being used without knowledge and permission? It is to be noted that even in this Instagram group, the boys were sharing photos of their close companions, classmates, and boyfriends without their permission. The matter puts forward security aspects in the cyber world. In recent years, the expansion of the digital world has made the whole world a handful through smartphones. As a result, cybercrime cases are on the rise; the public’s information is also not safe. Not only that, social media dialogue and with less and negative thinking are giving more manure and water. Users of every age, section, are trying to use them positively. Many social media platforms are confined to sharing only photos and personal information.

Instagram is also a similar social media app to share photos and videos owned by Facebook. At present, eight crore 80 lakh Indians use it. There are 40 crore subscribers of WhatsApp. Also, millions of users are associated with many social media platforms. It is not difficult to understand how many such groups are operating on different stages in the virtual world. Some time ago, there were reports of groups sharing child sex content on WhatsApp. We have also increased the participation of school students in the world of crime in the past few years. This irresponsible and sickening thinking behavior of teenagers who surfaced in the boy’s locker room chats is also deplorable. While such conspiracies that are being fearlessly in the openness of these platforms can also become a bite of their lives, parents must be vigilant. Teach the new generation the sanskaras and awareness.

Teach children that discipline and self-regulation are essential, irrespective of the age of the presence in social media. The role of parents is most important in such cases of directionless thinking and behavior. They have the responsibility to carve out the personality of the children and teach them human qualities. The new generation has the responsibility to teach the lessons of becoming sensitive and conscious citizens. Subscribe to get the latest updates.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded in 2018.



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