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What is community transmission

Let us understand what community transmission is?

There are three stages of any virus of infectious diseases. The first is called an outbreak in which a contagious virus or any communicable illness erupts in a specific area of any country. As in the case of coronavirus, the explosion erupts from the city of Wuhan of china. In the outbreak, the infection erupts in a town, and transmission gets started within the local community.

The second stage is epidemic in this stage when the infection crosses the border of that particular province from where it has occurred. The transmission of the virus gets started on a large scale within the country.

In the third stage, we call it pandemic in which many countries have observed the transmission of infection and eruption of cases. Now let us understand what community transmission in the pandemics is. Like the case stage of any communicable virus disease, the transfer also has three levels explained below.

1. The first transmission – The early stage is when the primary source of virus infection (peoples who directly came in contact with the virus). In the current case of coronavirus, the peoples who have been infected in Wuhan is the first transmission

2. The local transmission – this occurs when the local peoples get affected on a large scale. Let’s say when Adam returns to California from Wuhan, and he is found positive for coronavirus. Still, since his test and result of the trial, he met 50 people, and out of those 20 gets infected, this is called local transmission.

3. Community transmission– in local transmission, we knew that Adam had infected 20 local individuals that are local transmission. Now let’s say when these 20 peoples will interact and communicate around 20 peoples each and out of those, they infect five each, and that five will go on infecting five others daily. Now in California, the case of virus infection was 0 has now increased to 121 in a single day because of Adam. This is called community transmission, in this, the situation gets out of control, and the number every day gets increasing at rapid speed. This is the most dangerous phase of any pandemic as there is no way till now to control the disease when community transmission begins. Lockdown and isolation is the only thing we can do. Countries like Italy, Iran, America, Spain, Germany are in community transmission.

How to stop community transmission

In the above case study, we found that one person (Adam) is the source virus who infected 20 others, and those 20 affected 100 others, and those 100 will go on to affect thousands of others. So, this is the severe condition of how we can stop it. What is the necessary measure we should take to prevent community transmission? As we found that Adam is the source that spreads the virus, so to prevent the transfer, we need to quarantine Adam. Let’s say when he returned to California from Wuhan, a team of medical staff would have taken his screening at the airport in which he would have found positive for covid-19. The authorities would have isolated him, and Adam would have quarantined for treatment because of which he wouldn’t be able to meet those 20 people infected. Hence, no one gets infected, and the case of infected remains 0 in California. Look at the graph given above and understand the rapid speed of growth in numbers for corona infect worldwide.  

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Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
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