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Home Delhi News Vehicle documents-driving licenses to be valid by July 31.

Vehicle documents-driving licenses to be valid by July 31.

Vehicle documents-driving licenses to be valid by July 31, the central government has decided that in view of the lockdown applicable across the country, the central government has now extended the validity period of such vehicle-related documents from 30th June to 31st July, whose validity is going to end on February or thereafter. For instance, after the government’s decision, no additional fee or delay fee will be applicable for delay in renewal from February one till 31st July.  The Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways informed that union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has decided to provide major relief to the vehicle owners due to the lockdown of the entire country in the coronavirus crisis in the country. The ministry in a circular issued in this regard has said that the validity of such driving licenses, fitness, permits, registrations and other motor vehicle documents, whose validity period has expired or is due to be held from February one, has been extended till 31st July, before the date of this validity was extended till 30th June due to lockdown.

Vehicle documents-driving licenses to be valid by July 31

For this, the Union Ministry of Road Transport in a consultation paper sent to all States and Union Territories in this regard has categorically stated that such documents should be considered valid by 31st July. Due to lockdown and closure of government transport offices in the country, the ministry is facing difficulties in renewing the validity of various vehicle documents. So, this decision has been taken for the convenience of the people. These documents include fitness, permits (of all kinds), driving licenses, registrations, or any other documents under the motor vehicle rule. The Ministry has requested all States to implement the consultations so that the people, transport companies, and organizations involved in essential services do not suffer and do not face difficulties.

An order issued for the second time according to the Union Ministry of Road Transport earlier also, the central Road ministry had issued a circular on 30th March 2020 on 30th March 2020 due to lockdown in the country regarding extension of validity of documents pertaining to Motor Vehicles Act-1988 and Central Motor Vehicles Act-1989, the validity period of such documents was 30th June, but the lockdown is also being extended continuously as the outbreak of corona in the country continues to rise. In view of this, the Ministry has decided to extend one month again in view of the distress of vehicle owners and the auto sector. The fee deposited will also be considered valid if one has deposited the fee for renewal of these documents and other certificates etc., and the fee deposited will also be considered valid if the process is not completed due to lockdown. Because work in RTO offices has been affected due to lockdown in the corona crisis and vehicle owners have also been delayed to deposit various types of vehicle charges, some kind of delay fee has been brought by July 31.

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Sameer Chauhan
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