Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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the state of happiness

what is happiness ?? , how one can find it? and what is the ultimate source of happiness??. we often come across this question but we don’t know the exact answer. happiness is not an attribute which can be inherited or imbibed it is also not a material which one can buy, then what exactly happiness is ?.

happiness is nothing but a state of mind in which an individual may live in delighted irrespective of the problems, dearth, and discomforts he is surrounded with. happiness is something which can be seen in an above-given photograph where there is no feeling of earthiness, they don’t need gadgets to smile, they don’t even need a mobile phone for a group selfie. the kids are happy because they want to be, happiness is nothing but the feeling of gratitude and abundance even in the lackings and materialistic dearth.

Many of us who are rich, successful and fulfilled are also sometimes unhappy. This is caused due to negative thoughts and feelings which cannot be conquered though we possess every known source of happiness. In order to be happy you have to learn to appreciate the simple things of life, hence the intellectual and enlightening idiom mentioned in the beginning of this article.

Real happiness comes from simplicity and we all should strive to live as simple a life as we can. Take one day at a time and try to make everyday life a sweet, simple and charming affair. Let go the bonds of complexity that hold you down and you will realize that though it is simple to be happy, its not at all difficult to be simple too. Humility and submission to God is the first step towards simplicity. No point being egoistical because life is a mystery and what is today may not be tomorrow. So live one moment at a time enjoying and celebrating it to the full. Every second of the ticking clock should remind you to smile more, love more and to serve more because who knows you might not have the next moment.

You do not need anyone or anything to be happy. If you have a simple heart you possess all the ingredients needed for the wonderful emotion and feeling which is elation So let go of all the tentacles of worry, anguish, and sorrow and let your heart sing like the nightingale. You will be surprised that you really needed only your own self all the time to be eternally happy and satisfied because you realize that under the false wrappings of social conduct you truly are a simple childlike person with a sincere and faithful heart which sees only good in everyone and everything. In conclusion, it is so true to say that keep a green bough in your heart and God will send a singing bird.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded in 2018.



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