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the Pulwama attack

the martyrdom of more than 40 crpf jawans in the Pulwama region of the Kashmir valley is an absolute coward act of terror and a stark reminder that violence continues to haunt beautiful but bloodied land.

#revenge not condemnation

this happened on 14 of Feb 2019n when the crpf convoy carrying more than 2500 crpf personnel through highway in Pulwama, which was closed for last seven days because of heavy snowfall. the scale of the attack is even bigger than URI which is a massive intelligence failure.

“Adil Mohammad dar” a ” jaish-e-Mohammad” trained terrorists who struck a car full of blasts materials to crpf convoy which took more than 40 lives. pakistan who continuesto sponser terror with impunity is a large part of the problem. how long can pakistan live in denial when it continues to allow and sponsor the terror group.

the latest attack evidence of both the audacity and desperation of the terrorists and their sponsers. two years ago a touch message was sent to terrorists with a surgical strike inside pakistan after the provoking uri attacks. as now its apparent that strikes like those are not enough and is also not a long term solution to the coward enemy whose army is determined to wound the indian state.

the voices of revenge have started to come but there must be a long term solution as well to prevent the future prospects of such incidents. we must understand that this is not a scoreboard where the success can be measured by number of terrorist killed for every soldier got martyred.

we must also understand that war is not the solution as war-mongering comes easy, war doesn’t. our deepest condolences to the family of martyed soldiers whose loved ones have lost their lives, may God give them strength and courage to tolerate this pain.

The government needs to teach a strong lesson to the hostile neighbor and their sponsored terror groups to put some ointment on their wounds.