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The Mother Nature has punished us for her exploitation.

corona virus bat

the explotation of nature has lead us to corona virus.

We are witnessing one of the hardest times faced by humankind on this planet. More than 15000 deaths, more than 400,000 infected, and the complete lockdown in almost every part of the globe. Humanity has not confronted such a problematic situation in the last century. This is indeed a message from nature that enough of exploitation has done, stop doing it, or suffer the dreadful wrath. The creator has replete the earth with enough resources to fulfill human needs but not to fulfill human greed. The city of Wuhan, where this virus is reportedly originated from, was famous for selling more than 100 species of animals as good stuff. The meat consumers in china have almost tried everything which had four legs. I saw one of the videos wherever man in pottery was found eating an unbacked, uncooked rat, and believe me, it was horrible. The dog meat festival is famous, where eating dog meat is in vogue.

Blaming china will not help us, we are equally responsible

Blaming only china for the eruption of this pandemic is not right at all; this horrifying situation was inevitable. The exploitation of nature and natural resources has led to the extinction of many rare animal species, and many species are sitting at the threshold of losing their existence. Almost every part of the world, every country has practiced deforestation in Samways in the last 100 years. The increase in population and density is another region for this. It is not only about the coronavirus which has reportedly originated from a bat but also about the hundreds of other creatures eaten in several countries as delicious cuisines. We have exploited nature as much as we could have, and now the beast, mother nature is punishing us, and we don’t have any way still now to save ourselves from this. Till now, human civilization was expanding not only to their areas but to the forest also. The place which belongs to animals; currently, the mother nature has imprisoned us in our own houses.

Nature has punished us for her exploitation

Coronavirus was inevitable

This is the message we must hear; we must act to; we must learn to live in peaceful coexistence with all other species. This planet belongs to all those thousands of creature’s reptiles, animals, small insects, sea animals, not only to humans. Slaughtering millions of cows, pigs, goats, and other mammals for making delicious beef, meat, and cuisine will not help us for sure. Cutting down trees to build buildings, malls, and cinema houses will also not help. We must contemplate and comprehend how to make peaceful coexistence with all other creatures, whether it’s on land or water. We need to fulfill our needs from the natural resource snot our greed. The money belongs to us, but the resources belong to all. We must oblige mother nature and have gratitude for everything she is offering else prepare for such a massive pandemic, which will leave us with no clue to save human existence. Take care, take care of your family, and subscribe to get our latest articles and news updates, stay safe, and stay healthy.

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