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the launch of

india have witnessed thousands of startups and new ventures in the last decade, some of them have made it big with a very prolific idea and unique business model. but every year hundreds of new startups get failed and end up closing the entire company eventually. some of them were a very good idea as well but due to the dearth of public awareness about the venture the product was not able to get to the large expected public domain. we understand the essential need of any beginner entrepreneurs and his startup is to market the product to a large domain of people in affordable rate as initially, they can’t afford to invest big for the marketing purpose.

overcoming such hurdles for new, small and medium startups and businesses we have come up with a very unique idea of founded by sameer chauhan is a first of it’s kind advertising and marketing company which uses paper cups, plastic vessels and other disposable material for advertising and marketing purpose. we at intent to evaluate the business proportions and market them for brand awareness in most affordable but huge reach means of marketing and branding.

By availing your brand can get to the large public domain in affordable budget.

We can make your services more prolific by following means :-

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Enhance & Leverage Marketing
  • Target new potential customer segment

Our perseverance and persistence to offer the best service will add value to your organization. so stay tuned we look forward to our future prospects to work for your better tommarow.