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the instability of the human brain

humans have accomplished some daunting scientific successes and have developed some great machinery, but still, the most complex machine they find is eventually a human brain. why even after developing such technological advancements, we humans are lacking with the peace of mind. we often come across this fact that the human body is a most complex machine and brain which operates our body is such robust that it can almost do anything or everything.

the instability of human brain and the dearth of peace in the living process has made us realized that it is very daunting to divert our focus and concentration most of the time, we find it difficult to stable our mind and soul for the peaceful living. why does it happen? is it so fragile that we cant even control it?. more often we listen to students or mentally ill individuals that they can’t focus, or else how can we control or make our mind stable.

it is to contemplate that the thinking process and understanding ability of the brain is a very natural process then why do we want to make our mind stable. its a natural ability of the human brain to go beyond the imagination and the reality accomplished by them. creator has blessed us with brain to maximize our thinking ability do something which have never been done before.

like sun is the source of energy, we do not ask sun to stop or minimize its degree of temperature because we know we cant. i cant ask god to stop rain if its raining for me to hangout, what i can do is i can carry a umbrella with me in order to not get wet.

similarly we should not make efforts to control or stable our mind because we cant. so what we can actually do is, we can channel and direction our mental ability and thought process in a particular direction for a purpose to be served. in order to focus the complete concentration and intelligence in one direction without being getting divert we need a destination which can drag us and our energy towards it.

so the conclusion, we can make by above-given article for the peace of our mind, focus and general physical stability we must set a short term or long term goals and the destination of ours to accomplish it so that the whole energy of our mind and soul will pursue its destination and that’s how a purpose can get served and we can attain peace and success as well.