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the immature Indian education system

As the 12 board exams all over the country conclude, usual but profound anxiety among parents and candidates for the admission in renowned and notable colleges and institutions has begun. an education system where education has become business, students are products, parents are client or customer and teachers are nothing but the salesman. most of the education institutes today in India has given their priority to bookish and theoretical concepts of subjective education rather than being practical. the lack of practicality leads to the dearth in skills which eventually makes a man incompetent for most of the job of his or her purview. that’s the reason I m not shocked of India being the country holding most unemployed individuals, most people under poverty today and the maximum of them have deprived of their basic human survival needs. now let us look into some facts:-

The facts: A student commits suicide per hour in India (no emotional support from school), CBSE question paper leak and the fate of children is uncertain, students’ voices are suppressed and the truth is concealed. The schools, colleges, and institutes are churning out millions of educated, most are incapable and mediocre. Has education in India just zeroed down to procuring a meaningless certificate?

Lack of uniformity: With four major boards; CBSE, ICSE, State board, and IB, we are the only country that gives a choice. This can be a good point, but it also points at the lack of uniformity in the courses across the country. The CBSE syllabus is congruous with all the competitive exams. But the rural India heavily relies on the State Board syllabus, which means students from rural areas are inept, for which the government is responsible.

No emphasis on creating ‘thinkers’: The school, and teachers believe in conventionally performing their duties. The emphasis on churning out thinkers is lesser. A student must be encouraged  choose a discipline of his interest. The education system must empower the students.

We must speak: Parents, students, teachers and employers must aggressively demand to institutions on producing quality and capable candidates rather than awarding meaningless degrees and certificates. Often students are suppressed and parents choose to ignore. If not the government school, parents move their ward to the private, and if not there, then a tuition acts as a savior. Is the child benefiting at all?

Grading criteria to be revised: How is the grading done? One who answers as taught in the class scores higher grades. But thinking and writing differently is not encouraged. Teachers stick to the old school of thoughts, wherein asking a question(s) and thinking differently in the class is rude.

A young nation with an amazing workforce and an inept education system, will never shine. There will be millions of youngsters on the streets with certificates and degrees that hold no credibility. Certainly, the jobless youth will be compelled to choose the wrong path for survival. Imagine a nation full of jobless and frustrated youth! Substantial changes in the system can avoid the catastrophe.

Our nation’s children definitely deserve an excellent education system.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded in 2018.


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