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The corona cases in India are on a rapid surge now, surpassed 2500 figure.

The country of 1.3 billion people is under 21 days long complete nationwide lockdown but the number of daily positive cases is on a rapid surge. The numbers of positive cases have been doubled in just a short span of three days. On 30th March 2020, the country had almost 1000 total positive cases but it has grown with the rapid speed as the number touched the 2500 mark by 3 April. The government’s officials have denied any community transmission but they have also mentioned that we are trying but didn’t succeed in tracing some who came in contact with positive cases. The state of Maharashtra has registered the highest number of cases whereas the other states like Delhi and Tamil Nadu are too far behind

Coronavirus cases in india.
Pic courtesy – Inshorts

The state-wise data of registered positive cases are given below.

Maharashtra – 400
Delhi – 359
Tamil Nadu – 309
Kerala – 286
Rajasthan – 133

25 states have combinedly registered more than 2500 cases whereas the death toll has reached 50. Prime minister Modi shared a video message with the nation on Thursday saying that our unity will help us fight the corona pandemic. The solidarity we are displaying in this 21-day long lockdown is impeccable and it will help us win the battle. The country has somehow managed to control the numbers and have very few positive cases in comparison with European countries. The country is practising and following lockdown and social distancing strictly, police forces are active on roads and they are taking all possible preventive and preemptive measures to stop community transmission.

Locdown in india amid coronavirus .

Nizamuddin Tablighi jamaat incident.

The cases and the situation in India were very much under control but one news has taken the country by shock as it has destroyed efforts of over a billion people. The country was following the lockdown seriously to control the situation, but news from Delhi situated Nizamuddin mosque where over 2500 Muslims from Indian and abroad belonging to Tablighi jamaat were found in a building at Nazimuddin. The situation when everybody was asked to practice social distancing over 2500 peoples were practising Markaz in a building together. The rapid and sudden rise in the cases is maximum from this jamaat who were rescued from that building. More than 1000 are found positive till now pertaining to Tablighi jamaat and associated to Markaz practised in Delhi. This news has taken the proportion in a new direction as the controlled looking situation has got a sudden and rapid rise. The chief of this Jamaat Mohammad Saad did fugit as of now but the police have filed an FIR against him and several others for epidemic law of IPC.

The medical facilities and infrastructure are not that well in comparison to European nations but irrespective of that fact India has done remarkably well to take strict preventive measures to stop further transmission of the virus. We hope that this solidarity of 1.3 billion people and profound efforts of government, medical staff and essential service providers will bring this pandemic to an end. India has set an example and has done remarkably well, the prime minister Modi proactive leadership has played a key role so far and we hope to see the country giving ease on lockdown restrictions very soon.

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