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The Chinese virus: Covid-19 is the conspiracy of china

Yes, I may sound racist for calling covid-19, a Chinese virus, but I am not. I have many points to prove that China is responsible for the sudden demise of thousands across the world due to this deadly virus. We don’t have any evidence as of now to claim that china created and transmitted the virus beyond its borders but we have enough evidence to claim that China is responsible for the massive and worldwide dispersion of the covid-19 pandemic. The doubtful and mysterious initial approach of the Chinese government is also consolidating my claim.

The first theory

A few hours ago, when China participated in the G-20 meeting on video conferencing, it proposed an offer to partner nations to wipe out the tariffs on exports. This is not the first china proposed this offer it is a long awaiting dream for the communist Chinese government. Let us understand the intention, let say if the partner nation agrees to Chinese offer then what will happen.

1. China is already exporting its PPES, protective suits, sanitizers, masks and other essential commodities to Europe and other nations. China has announced that the industries in Wuhan the birth origin of covid-19 will be functioning by next week.

2. Therefore, China is the only country as of now on the planet which is in the condition to reopen its industries and increase the essential commodities to the world.

3. If tariffs get wiped out then no one will get profit as of now but only China because every factory and industries in almost every country are closed and they are not capable of exporting anything as of now.

4. China is not only exporting massively, but it will also further increase the quantity and will receive the 100% profit as not tariffs applied, this is like a dream for china which can come true.

5. No factories, industries in a condition today to function and make productions except china.

Second theory

1. According to many hidden theories and the Guardian report (link of which is attached here ) (reference link – and the guardian report – and also the Chinese government own report suggests that the china had found its first corona case on 17 November 2019, but china didn’t inform the world, China didn’t inform world health organization either.

2. 21 November 2019 is the date when china finally and officially informed WHO about coronavirus after a tremendous pressure as the matter was leaked on social media.

3. Till 21 November China had around 60 positive covid-19 cases.

4. Dr Li Wenliang, who exposed the corona case before the world was arrested and mysteriously died a few days later, purportedly Chinese government said, he died because of coronavirus. ( Reference link –

5. In the report submitted to WHO, about coronavirus china denied the human to human transmission of the virus, even after having more than 60 infected cases, which was found hoax later on.

Third theory,

1. 20 January 2020, a senior medical staff of china officially accepted the fact that covid-19 has the potential to make human to human transmission and that too at a rapid speed.

2. 23 January 2020, is the date when China officially locks down the city of Wuhan.

3. From 20 January to 23 January 2020 around 5 million people left Wuhan in panic as the announcement was made for the human to human transmission.

4. China deliberately allowed that massive migration, without warning other nations to not take peoples returning from Wuhan without screening even after knowing human to human transmission is possible. (Reference link –

5. Those 5 million peoples returned to their respective nations, many of them with active positive covid-19 cases without any screening and test, which resulted in huge local transmission and later on uncontrollable community transmission in countries like Italy, Iran, united states, Spain, Germany, etc.

Theory fourth,

1. The world has been shaken by the news that China is observing nominal covid-19 cases and the country has recovered from the pandemic.

2. I can’t digest the fact that when the world’s best medical facility holding countries are struggling to mitigate the number of deaths happening daily due to this virus, and on the other side China is claiming that it has only around 3000 fatalities.

3. Without having any cure, china recovered so soon it is almost next to impossible.

4. The city of Wuhan which was under lockdown is now about to start its industrial operations and has already given the ease of restrictions. ( Reference link – (reference link –

5. China is exporting PPES. Masks, protective suits, sanitizers and other essential commodities to Europe whereas countries like the United States are having shortages of these kinds of stuff. Blame China for this pandemic (reference article –

After having gone through all the above-given links in detail, and believing some hidden documents I have no reason to not believe that China is not responsible for this pandemic. Many medical experts have advised the Chinese government to ban bats as an edible substance many times as it may bring harmful bacteria in human bodies, but China ignored it. I can believe for an instant that china did not create the virus, but the communist government of China is responsible for its global dispersion and its terrible consequences for the human race and economy in the world which will take many years to recover. I have rendered you facts and studies and some research as well, what conclusion you can draw out of this. I leave this purely on your wisdom and sense of judgment. Subscribe to us for the latest global updates and news opinions.

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Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded in 2018.



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