Kashmir needs our love and affection

Its been almost 60 days when the government of India took the long-awaited and future prolific decision to abrogate article 370 from the Kashmir valley. Since then, the Valley has remained peaceful mainly due to enhanced security measures and a massive deployment of troops. the complete lockdown in the valley since 6th of august has heightened the gap between the Indian government and the civilians of Kashmir. People have suddenly been transported to a primitive era, where telephonic and internet communication is just a myth. There are no phones and no internet. Landlines, which have been partially restored, are of little use as their penetration is negligible. we don’t know what is lying beneath the silence in the valley.

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The dearth of necessary action taken by the Indian government

I strongly believe that the situation would have been handled better than it was. the life in Kashmir is rife with fear and rumour that they might lose things they have and they do not hold any special right which they had before. here are some of the points by which the situation in Kashmir would have handled in a better manner after the abrogation of article 370.

  1. The message should have delivered loud and clear that every possible effort will be made for the development of the valley and the welfare of the Kashmiris.
  2. No indication of development has been made in the last two months to win the trust of the peoples.
  3. if I were to suggest the prime minister, I would have suggested him to visit the valley and meet some local leaders. the interaction of government with Kashmir and Kashmiris are lacking as no cabinet minister has interacted with Kashmiris.
  4. This is the time where India need to display the character of nobility and efforts need to be made to win every possible Kashmiris hearts.
  5. Derogatory remarks like ” ab bahu Kashmir se aaygi” made by Haryana’s chief minister has only heightened the differences.

Pakistan game plan

All the efforts made by Pakistan to turn Kashmiri youth into extremists and disturb the peace in the valley has gone in vain. Pakistan attempt to infamous India on international forums has not only backfired but they also had to confront embarrassment on many occasions. India must answer Pakistan in a hard-hitting manner that’s how Pakistan understands. the military-controlled puppet government of Pakistan has made a repeated derogatory comment against India over international summits in order to blame India for the situation of Kashmir.


To overcome the communication gap erupt between Kashmir and the rest of India. the prime minister must pay a visit to the valley as soon as possible and interaction with local leaders, youths, a government employee is must needed.

  1. No investor will be keen to invest in a turbulent environment. hence make the situation normal as soon as possible with conducive business atmosphere.
  2. To overcome the communication gap erupt between Kashmir and the rest of India.
  3. the prime minister must pay a visit to the valley as soon as possible and interaction with local leaders, youths, the public employee is imperative.

At last, we can only pray for the normalcy and peace in the valley so that the kids deprived of quality education, youth deprived of good jobs, future deprived of destination and life deprived of hope, all get to meet one another and we see the Kashmir always we wish to.

                                                                                                Sameer Chauhan

the abrogation of article 370 and the Pakistan drama

The abrogation of Article 370, abruptly from J& K had sent shock waves in the entire Muslim world. Especially in the Muslim countries who sponsor jihad in Kashmir. Among the concerned world nations, Pakistan seems to be utterly confused and perplexed by the turn of events. Their entire narrative about the freedom struggle of Kashmiris from the oppressive Indian government, have fallen flat. Pak Army’s carefully nurtured assets to dispel peace and harmony in Kashmir, their terror groups, seem suddenly rudderless, lost its steam to unleash terror.
   The recent unparliamentary statements from Pakistani leadership, right from Prime Minister Imran Khan, Army Chief Bajwa till local body leaders, from Pakistan, shows Pakistan is rattled, threatened and is feeling the real heat because of the scrapping of article 370.

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