Monday, January 18, 2021
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Sushant Singh Rajput death: Sushant Singh Rajput to be cremated in Mumbai today

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Sushant Singh Rajput to be cremated in Mumbai today. Actor Sushant Singh Rajput will be cremated in Mumbai on Monday. He committed suicide at his home in Mumbai on Sunday. Sushant’s family lives in Patna. His father is arriving in Mumbai from Patna for the funeral. Police investigating the incident said that they have not received any suicide notes so far. According to the police report, he had been suffering from depression for the past six months. The servant of the house had called the police and reported his suicide. our sources at informed us that his last right will be performed near 3 o clock today in Mumbai.

 Sushant Singh Rajput death: Sushant Singh Rajput to be cremated in Mumbai today

Mumbai Police has confirmed that the 34-year-old actor committed suicide by hanging in the house. His body was taken to Dr. Rn Kapoor Hospital at 5.30 pm. So far, an official statement on his post-mortem report has not come to the fore. Some media reports also say that doctors have sent his body to JJ Hospital for further investigation, where the presence of any drugs or poison in the body will be ascertained.

According to police, Sushant’s death is reported between 10 am and 1 pm. The sister and the rest of the people saw Sushant’s body hanging from the noose, followed by a domestic helper who called the police. Talking to media, the police said that we received the news of Sushant’s death at 2 pm and 2. At 30 a.m., the police arrived at his flat. The Mumbai police started their investigation from 2.30 pm onwards. The police have not yet received any suicide notes from the flat. Jan adhikar party chief Pappu Yadav has demanded a CBI probe into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. He says there is a deep conspiracy behind the incident.

“I can’t even imagine it,” he told the media. I demand the government to initiate a CBI inquiry. I think there is no deep conspiracy behind this death. Sushant can’t commit suicide.” Pappu Yadav said, “Sushant was a very hardworking and good man. He was not a person who committed suicide. He rose above the ground level, raised the pride of Bihar. The state of Bihar is saddened by his demise.” subscribe for latest news updates, Bollywood news, sports news.

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