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Shivraj Singh sworn in as chief minister for the 4th time.

shivraj singh

After a week-long political drama in Madhya Pradesh, Shivraj Singh Chauhan was sworn in as chief minister on 23rd march for the 4th time. Three days ago, Kamal Nath, the sitting chief minister from the congress part, resigned when the supreme court ordered to observe floor test in the assembly.

came. He was also ignored for the states congress chairmanship post, ultimately which lead him to resign the congress party in which he was part of for more than 18 years. The very next day, he joined the Bhartiya Janata Party and has alleged congress to no longer operate for public welfare.

More than 20 members of legislative assembly resigned from the Congress party along with scindhiya, and because of that, the Kamal Nath government lost their majority mark. After taking the oath, chief minister Shivraj Singh took the first of his order by imposing lockdown and curfew in many major cities of the province in the wake of coronavirus.  Whatever the situation is, we will keep you posted. Subscribe to us for more latest updates.