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Prime Minister Modi shared a video message.

Prime minister modi shared a video message

prime minister modi addresd the nation by video message.

Prime minister Modi shared a video message with the nation on Friday. He mentioned we as a nation has set an example for the entire world, our solidarity has helped and will help in the fight against coronavirus pandemic. here are the highlight and some important points he mentioned in his message.

  1. We are at home during under lockdown, but we are not alone as the collective strength of the entire country is with each one of us, says Prime minister.

2. The darkness and uncertainty created by this corona crisis,
By ending it, we have to move towards light and certainty.
 To defeat this bleak corona crisis,
We have to spread the intensity of light in all four directions:

3. This encounter of ours with the corona pandemic,
Gives us morale, Targets,
Gives the energy to achieve it, makes our path more clear.
Amidst the darkness spread by the Corona epidemic,
We have to go to the light

4. It is believed that Janata Janardan,
God has a form.
 So when the country is fighting such a big battle,
So in such a fight, we must come in solidarity and hold a strong fight against the pandemic.

5. This is the time of lockdown,
We are definitely in our own homes, but none of us is alone.
 The collective power of 130 crore countrymen is with every person, every person is supported

6. Thanked everyone who fought against Corona on Sunday, March 22,
That too has become an example for all countries today.
  Today many countries are repeating this

7. I have another prayer,
That at the time of this event,
Do not gather anywhere.
8. Do not go in the streets, the streets or the neighbourhoods, the doors of your house,
Do it from the balcony.
Today when crores of people of the country are at home,
Then anyone can feel what he will do alone.
Some people may also be thinking that in such a big fight,
How will they fight alone but don’t worry we all are together, we will fight this pandemic in solidarity.

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