Prime minister Modi to address the nation at 8 pm today


After discussing the country on 18th March, prime minister Narendra Modi announced to address the nation again on 24th March 8 pm. India has observed a speedy eruption of infected corona cases in the last four days as the number has grown almost double.

More than 500 districts of India are under lockdown and curfew. Punjab is the first state to impose a complete limit in the country, followed by Rajasthan and Delhi. Earlier on 18th March, prime minister Modi appealed to the nation to impose Janta limit on themselves, which was a successful event to some extent. Modi also requested the government to clap at 5 pm to appreciate those who are involved in public services.

Along with his announcement to address, he also mentioned addressing some essential notification about covid-19. Stay alert, stay safe, and stay healthy. We will keep you updated with everything happening in the world.

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