Monday, June 14, 2021
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Home Entertainment Paresh Rawal demands to ban the Tik-Tok app.

Paresh Rawal demands to ban the Tik-Tok app.

Now, Paresh Rawal, who landed in the fray against Tiktalk, tweeted a tweet seeking to ban the app, with the video of Faijal Siddiqui on Tiktok, now Faijal has also come to actor Paresh Rawal in a continuous agreement over TikTok ban for some time now. (Actor Paresh Rawal) actor Paresh Rawal has also tweeted and demanded a ban on Tiktok. His tweets, from several of his fellows to other celebrities, also justified his demand. Because of this (TikTok Star) Tiktok star Faijal Siddiqui uploaded a video of acid attack. He came to the target. Not only that, the people have also raised the demand to ban the Tiktalk by expressing displeasure over the tik-tok for not taking immediate action on it. In fact, it is alleged that TikTok Tiktalk star Faijal Siddiqui glorified acid attack on girls in a video.

Paresh Rawal demands to ban the Tik-Tok app.

Fir launched again Tik-Tok star Faizal Siddiqui for glorifying the acid attack.

The National Commission for Women had also objected to the video of Faizal Siddiqui. Since then, the video as well as the Tiktalk also came into controversies. However, Tiktalk deleted the video. Now, actor Paresh Rawal has also reacted in the entire case. He said that the Tiktalk should be banned. He tweeted the demand on his official Twitter account. At the same time, he wrote that ‘ left Tiktalk ‘. Users and their fellows are also reacting to their tweets. With Paresh, many actors and models have done the demand for the Tiktalk ban (Bollywood Actor Paresh Rawal) actor Paresh Rawal is not alone.

Apart from these, there are many other models ranging from actors and heroin. Those who are constantly seeking to ban TikTok Ban. They also have famous singer Sona Mohapatra. However, against all this (TikTok Video), Faijal Siddiqui, who put up a disputed video on Tiktalk, has expressed his anger. Faizal apologizes on social media amidst all this, Faizal Siddiqui, while presenting his cleanliness, said, “I do not promote acid attack in any way. This is just my way of putting my own art in front. Although I have deleted the video, I have no interest in promoting such a controversy. I hope you will support me. My intention was never to hurt anyone. Subscribe for the latest news updates, Delhi news today.



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