Tuesday, September 29, 2020
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Home latest news Palghar lynching incident: when killing like such become fashion and pleasure.

Palghar lynching incident: when killing like such become fashion and pleasure.

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Palghar: why are we taking pleasure in killings, where are we as a society going? why are we seeking fun while committing such horrifying and menacing killings? When a mob kills people just for fun only because they were deemed as thieves.  The latest incident of lynching of 3 men, including two saints in palghar 90 km away from Mumbai in Maharashtra has shocked the nation again. Hundreds of men and shockingly women can be seen in a viral video charging on two saints(sadhus) with sticks, rods and other weapons. The horrifying video of the incident is viral and has forced the nation to contemplate what is wrong with our society? Where is our society going? The incident that happened on the 16th of April had already taken a political and communal color as the two men lynched were associated with Shri panch dashnam “Juna akhara” of Varanasi. The victims were traveling in a Ford ecosport car misunderstood and perceived as thieves and dacoits by local natives, and hence they were beaten till death by a mass mob.

video credit – Ten News

The Palghar police have mentioned by their initial investigation that the two saints victims along with their driver were traveling from Kandivali in western Mumbai to Silvassa, and they were going through a village route, where they were stopped and attacked by mobs. Police have arrested 101 accused till now and are monitoring the further investigation. Ex-chief minister of Maharashtra has asked the cm uddhav Thackeray to set up a high-level inquiry committee for the horrifying incident. The incident has taken the communal color as well when many saints and authorities of Juna akhara claimed that they were killed because they were Hindu. The akhara has announced that as soon as lockdown ends, they will march to palghar.  The police said that they were murdered by mass in such a brutal manner only because native peoples perceived and misunderstood them as thieves and dacoits disguised as saints.

Where are we as a society going?

Palghar is the northernmost coastal district of Maharashtra which is 90 km away from Mumbai. The incident happened when the trio, including 70-year-old men belonging to a nomadic tribe associated with juna akhara, were traveling along with their driver. The latest incident is not the first case of such horrifying lynching cases. Actually, since the past few years it has emerged as a new fashion of killing peoples because of certain fake news, rumors, hatred, caste – creed, religions and many more insignificant reasons. Let us take the latest incident: the three men were beaten to death only because some people misunderstood them as thieves and misinformed others to join them in this killing. Even the victims were thieves or dacoits; they were not supposed to be beaten like this neither anybody has got the right to kill them. They would have informed the police instead, but they did not; because there was no pleasure in it. The killings, beating someone for fun, are a source of joy nowadays. We as a society have become more brutal, insane and menacing. Sometimes someone is killed because of suspicion of being a child lifter, kidnapper because of some rumors spread on WhatsApp. Therefore we don’t need reasons to kill, even if we have reasons to give the masses the right to die.  

Why are we taking pleasure in killings? 

Incidents as such are happening so often nowadays, not only because of rumors, hatred, religions but also because we as a human society have started taking pleasure in killing. Rember the videos of viral lynching, you will find hundreds of men killing one, and many of them will be seen smiling. They are killing not because they have any justice to bring, not because they have any revenge to take, not because they have suffered any losses, not because the individual they are killing has brought any misery in their lives; you will find that they are killing just for fun. They find it funny to hit a wounded man with a rod; they want to explore how it feels after the murder. Every one of us must see the demons hidden deep inside us, which forces us to leave the most significant human features and attributes like mercy and compassion. The lynchers taking pleasure need to wait to understand how this feels when someday they will also get lynched in the same manner for any rumor. This will happen and happen for sure, and many of us will become victims if an incident like such continued. The killing is killing, and no law, no logic, no arguments can justify killings like such when hundreds of men, women kill some helpless innocents just to seek fun. I hope we as a society contemplate where we are going, is this the way to bring justice or to punish somebody even if they are guilty. We must examine what we want to become, where we want our children to grow, and what kind of society we want to live in. Where are we heading and where will this end. Think about this. 

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhanhttp://mydreamwheel.com
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of chauhansameer.com media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded chauhnsameer.com in 2018.



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