the science of human emotions

         Do you assume that most of us react to life events in just about the same way there is a grieving process, a sequence of events when we fall in love, a standard response to being jilted? But these assumptions are not true. Actually, people having a similar background, also respond differently to the same experiences. Why does one person recover quickly from divorce, while another remains mired in self-recrimination or despair? Why does a driver calmly react to a minor scratch made by a passing bike, whereas another, gets out in a murderous rage and start beating the rider?

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Universal Basic Income( UBI) is the new product in the political bazaar. As an economic carrier taking the poor masses towards prosperity, UBI has been hailed by both schools of thought( left/ right leaning ideology). John Kenneth a left-leaning economist said-“ UBI is a means of fostering social justice and equal opportunity. Milton Friedman, right-wing thinker hailed UBI as a way of restoring individual choice and freedom and reigning in the influence of State. The 2017 Economic Survey has flagged UBI as” a conceptually appealing idea” and a possible alternative to social welfare programme targeted at bringing down poverty.

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radicalization and ignoble Islam

        The split between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims is one of the most misunderstood sagas in the modern world. The centuries-old strife sporadically erupts into new bloodshed throughout the Middle East — today, particularly, in war-torn Iraq and Syria, where the power vacuum created by ISIS, has reopened old wounds. As British-born journalist Lesley Hazleton argues, these wounds have been left to fester by a lack of adequate planning or understanding of the issue’s complexities on the part of American policymakers. Her new book, After the Prophet, recounts the epic story of the split between Islam’s two main factions and its present role in the Middle East.

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