Meet our team

  1. Sameer Chauhan – (Founder,   Editor in chief and opinion editor)

Founder and experienced journalist is editor in chief of chauhansameer media group. He is also the opinion editor of the group.

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2. Rama Subramaniam – Editor (politics)

Rama Subramaniam is the most experienced journalist in the group. rams hold more than 25 years of experience working for top media agencies in the country. Rama is an editor (politics) in chauhansameer media group. Facebook, twitter.

3. Geeta Saiki – Editor, National Affairs & Economy

Geeta Saiki who has reported on Economy, business, Indian national affairs, and governance for the last many years is the editor’s economy and national affairs in the group. Twitter, Facebook.

4. Alok Pradhan – Writer (international affairs and & entertainment)

With steller experience and a journey of various achievements. Alok pradhan is editor international affairs and cinema in chauhansameer media group. Facebook, twitter.

5. . Shubham Panchal – Editor (sports)

Shubham Panchal, editor Sports is a dedicated and enthusiastic journalist adding value to the organization through his constant efforts. Facebook, twitter.

6. Anuradha Singh – Graphic designs and creatives

Anuradha Singh, graphic designs, and creative is responsible for creating, cover stories, cover pics, thumbnails, etc. Facebook, twitter.

7. . Kamlesh Singh – Director (finance and operations)

Kamlesh Singh, Director (finance and operation) is a profoundly experienced administrator with more than 25 years of work experience. he is responsible for the financial management and operation of the group. Facebook, twitter.

9. Abhay Thukral – Human Resource management and Accounts

Human resource and account manager Abhay Thukral is associated with the group for the last one year. his enormous effort right from the early days has induced us a lot. Facebook, Twitter.