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lynching and the relentless demons called humans

lynching is a deliberate brutal killing  of an individual or two by a cluster. It is an open act of  ruthless and brutal homicide  by a mob in order to punish an alleged on the basis of certain rumours and fake social media newses. 


  The last year  have witnessed a spate of mob lynching cases. A total of 16 cases, that has resulted in 22 deaths were reported from Tripura, Assam, Chennai and Maharashtra, Andhra and many more parts of india. The data compiled by analysts of IndiaSpend for the period from 2010 to 2017 shows that Muslims were the target of 52% cases of violence relating to cow vigilante and comprised of 84%, i.e. 22 of the 25 persons killed in a total of 60 incidents.

Besides, it has been reported that 139 individuals survived after getting grievously injured due to such incidents of mob violence.Unfortunately, in 52% of the above mentioned cases the mob reacted based on rumours that were not proved to be correct.Also, in 5% of the attacks, there was no report of the attackers being arrested and in 30% of the cases the police registered cases against the victims/ survivors of such attacks.A recent picture of policemen standing guard as the mob dragged the victim, Qasim in the Hapur lynching case, which had gone viral, holds testimony to police apathy in many such cases.

The hate campaign and neo-nationalism is propagated by certain political organizations with the motive of gaining regional clout. The politicians, who want to cash-on the clout of these organizations for electoral gains, purposefully turn a blind eye towards their unconstitutional acts of violence.Furthermore, a political restraint for obvious reasons, on the police and the state administrative machinery, renders it ineffective to check these self-styled crusaders of social justice, who, for reasons mentioned above, feel encouraged to indulge in unlawful activities with utter impunity.The reports of threat to religious ideologies, like sacrilege of a holy book, cow slaughter, Mandir-Masjid disputes, etc are many times orchestrated by design and sensationalized by paid media to incite religious sentiments and trigger communal disharmony for vote bank politics.

Government  need to enforce a strong law to stop such inhuman acts with immediate effects.In order to arrest this unacceptable trend Prime Minister, who frequently addresses the public through his ‘Maan Ki Baat’ must publicly condemned such anarchy and display his intent of stringent actions against defaulters.The decision of the Muslim community to use its most important festival of Eid to lodge its protest against the continued attacks and lynching cases and a letter written in June 2018 addressed to Christians by the Archbishop of Goa and Daman, Father Felipe Ferro that the Constitution is in danger and a lot of people are living with a feeling of insecurity should serve as a wake-up call for the government and the political class in general.Hence, the climate of fear and suspicion is a direct outcome of insecurities of the minorities accruing out of governance deficit.

paid media. Many a times, media broadcasts unconfirmed, sensitive and often biased reports on national television, just to sensationalize the issue and improve their TRP.The same often adds fuel to the fire and increases animosity between the two communities, as the minority community feels threatened and the majority community feels victimized.It is a well known fact that the political parties and/or their cronies have huge stakes in both print and electronic media. The news on the same issues is presented in different channels differently, with the obvious objective of shaping public opinion favourably.The political parties have unleashed an army of cyber-soldiers and trollers that are targeting us without even our knowledge or consent on the social media.

Ruse to be takenThe fear of a strong punitive action against the miscreants must serve as a serious deterrent for repeating the offence.Law enforcement authorities must support a system based on supremacy of the Constitution and rule of law. Government must be ‘seen to be acting’ with haste and with harsh consequences against persons involved in delivering hate speeches, rumour mongering, and moral policing.The safety and security of the most vulnerable sections of the society must be accorded highest most priority and proactive steps must be taken to ensure that they are always secure.Police forces must now be especially trained to meet such exigencies and simulation training conducted for them regularly to avert such incidents. They must be provided with the requisite wherewithal to handle such situations at the physical, as well as emotional level. Proper delegation of responsibility and authority must be defined so that no one looks over the shoulder at the time of crises. It is also very important to hold person in-charge accountable for any misgivings or overreach of authority.The Election Commission should closely watch public speeches and parliamentary addresses of leaders and serve notices or file FIRs against anyone who makes provocative statements with the intention of inciting public.Cyber police should be watchful of posts made in the social media. Websites carrying any provocative content with the aim of spreading communal tension must be brought to book.
 justice may be delayed but justice must not be denied. 
Reforms in the delivery mechanism of criminal justice system are critical. Injustice, whether it is real or perceived, makes the young more vulnerable to extremist ideologies. Justice must be delivered without delay and must be reformatory rather than punitive, as the use of force alone has seldom proved to be a durable solution Awareness through access to public education can also lessen the role of the divisive and decadent system.Perhaps including such topics in the curriculum that highlight the modus operandi of the divisive elements and the pitfalls of involvement in such activities can help impressionable minds to remain cautioned.

‘Unity in diversity’ needs to be drummed in at every level.Educational institutions and media must come forward to play a vital role in integrating our society.A highly class oriented and communally charged atmosphere provides a ready-tilled soil for perpetrators of hatred to sow the seeds of discord and nurture them until the bitter harvest of communal violence is reaped.We as an evolving society, especially the youth, need to unite together to fight the communal forces and rise above the pettiness for the sake of humanity and for the security of our great nation

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Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded in 2018.



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