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Home latest news Lockdown 3.0: why the further extension of lockdown is imperative in India.

Lockdown 3.0: why the further extension of lockdown is imperative in India.

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Prime minister Narendra Modi chaired the meeting with all chief ministers on 27 April at 10 am. The sources hint for further extension of nationwide lockdown after this meeting. Lockdown 2.0, which will end on 3 May, doesn’t seem to be the end of lockdown as the lockdown 3.0 is set to be implemented. The prime minister Modi urged all chief ministers to focus their concern on the economy as well as covid-19. In his last address to the nation, prime minister Modi has promised for some relaxations after 20 April, but instead, many places were sealed, and the lockdown was more consolidated in the light of rapid increment of covid-19 cases in India.

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Affects of lockdown 2.0 and its further extension.

The coronavirus cases in India are on a surge, but the situation is still under control, and it one can clearly say as of now that there is no sign of community transmission in India. The cases have crossed the 27000 marks and the death toll has reached 850. Maharashtra is the worst affected state in the country with approx. 4000 positive coronavirus cases. The outcomes of two nationwide lockdowns from 21 March to 14 April for 21 days and from 15 April to 3 May for 19 days have not produced the desired result for the Indian government as the numbers are still increasing. Hundreds of hotspots and containment zones are identified in-country and are completely sealed, and kind of movement in identified hotspots are prohibited. However, the government is confident that two lockdowns of 21 and 19 days have helped them in curving the graph pf covid cases and in stopping any community transmission as well. The health ministry in press brief has mentioned that the doubling rate of coronavirus cases in India has improved a lot from 3.2 days in the first week to 10 days now. Here are some of the crucial factors given below to understand why extending lockdown 2.0 and implementing lockdown 3.0 is imperative in India.

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1. The high density of population

India has around 3.287 million km square of total area and 2nd largest population of approximately 1.3 billion peoples. India ranks 28th on high populated density rank with about 400 people living per km square. In this case, when a country like India is so densely populated, it will find it very difficult to control the virus if once it enters the community transmission phase. Developed countries like the USA, Italy, Spain have surrendered before covid distress; therefore, India can only control the situation by taking some tough decisions, preemptive measures, and proactive plans. The normal daily life operation in India is so complicated and most public places; public transports are so densely crowded that there is no other way than imposing lockdown to stop the further spread of the virus.

2. Health Care and Medical infrastructure

We don’t need to remind any of us again that India’s medical support is abysmal, and health care operations in government-owned hospitals are not commendable either. Private hospitals are damn costly that can’t be offered by 80 percent of the population. India lacks ventilators, beds, and other necessary equipment like masks, PPES, etc. in this case, if India confronts massive eruptions of coronavirus cases, then there is no existing planning, infrastructure, and facility to deal with such havoc and emergency health care situation. Prime Minister Modi himself briefed the nation that India has only 1 lakh plus ventilators that is enough to deal with the current situation, but what id the condition goes out of control. We might not be able to face that situation of crisis, So lockdown 3.0 is imperative.

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3. Lockdown has helped India to curve cases and prevent community transmission, therefore implementing lockdown 3.0 is crucial.

When most of the developed countries are struggling and surrendered before covid-19, India has emerged as one of the example setters to control covid cases even with such a large density of population. Of Course, this is a significant achievement for the Indian government that they have prevented community transmission in India till now. Therefore it seems to be a fact as of now that lockdown as help and its further extension is imperative to gain complete control over the crisis. State and the central government is pondering overextending lockdown with some ease and relaxation in non-hotspots areas one of the trusted sources told

This was our detailed study of the situation to enlighten you with some facts and figures that the extending lockdown is essential, and as of now, we might delay by two weeks more to get back to normalcy. urges you to stay home, stay safe, stay healthy, build your immunity, and stay blessed.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
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