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Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal withdraws decision on Delhi government’s protest, now patients can be home quarantine.

The ongoing pulls between the Delhi government and the lieutenant governor over the quarantine of corona suspected and infected people ended in the midst of a growing corona infection in Delhi. Lg Anil Baijal of Delhi withdrew his decision to make a 5-day institutional quarantine on Saturday evening. The governor’s decision was constantly being contested. Especially, the Delhi government was not in favor of it. Now the Delhi government says the decision will be of great help to the people of the capital after the decision is returned. Meanwhile, Delhi Lieutenant Chief Minister Manish Sisogave said that whatever apprehensions of LG over home isolation were resolved in the SDMA meeting and now the home isolation system will continue.

Delhi News today: CM Kejriwal speaks of bed crisis in hospitals, lieutenant governor's order to be fully adhered.
Delhi news today,

We express gratitude to LG for this. The Delhi people under the leadership of our Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal will not allow any distress. He said that after stopping home isolation, LG had also stopped the work of the company which was providing counseling to patients at home in its order yesterday. The facility will continue till Monday and its other options will be discussed again on Monday with the preparedness of the health department. It may be known that every corona positive person in Delhi was now decided to stay at the quarantine center for at least five days after the advice of the central government by Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal. After the decision, the Delhi government and the center were once again facing a face-off. The Delhi government had said that fearing going to the quarantine center would avoid conducting tests, as well as the pressure on doctors and nurses involved in the treatment of corona victims would be very high. The order said that lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal, in his order, had said that after five days of institutional separation, patients with symptoms without Thyroid–19 would be sent for home quarantine.

Guidelines for coronavirus patients.

1. Every corona positive person will have to compulsorily stay in the quarantine center for five days. Only then will a person be sent to home isolation, but if there are symptoms, it will be sent to the quarantine center or hospital accordingly.

2. Under the supervision of the district magistrate, the district surveillance officer’s team will conduct physical verification of every person with home isolation.

3. The services of the company which the Delhi government outsourced to patients living in home isolation for phone advice will end with immediate effect.

4. The corona is spreading in Delhi even due to the monitoring of patients living in home isolation without physical contact, which can also be one of the reasons. The essential need for physical verification of each case was felt.

The Delhi government had raised the question that the Delhi government had questioned the order to discontinue home isolation. The party said that due to this decision, people would be indifferent to the test because of the idea of moving away from home. People will be discouraged to conduct tests. While in Delhi, 80000 bed is already being planning. This order will require many thousands of rooms. Already, Delhi is reeling under the shortage of doctors and nurses, who will take care of these centers. subscribe delhi news for today, delhi news of today.

Alok Pradhan
Alok Pradhan
Alok pradhan is a Delhi university graduate with more than 10 years of experience


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