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Home Entertainment Know Why Mukesh Bhatt's comments on Sushant Singh Rajput are in controversies.

Know Why Mukesh Bhatt’s comments on Sushant Singh Rajput are in controversies.

Mukesh Bhatt’s comments on Sushant Singh Rajput are in controversies, Mukesh Bhatt on Sushant Singh Rajput, Sushant Singh Rajput death, Bollywood reaction on Sushant Singh Rajput death.

Union Minister Babul Supriyo has expressed his displeasure over a comment by filmmaker Mukesh Bhatt over the death of 34-year-old Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. On Sunday, Mukesh Bhatt had spoken to news channel Times Now saying he was already in danger about Sushant. Mukesh Bhatt has also called Sushant a restless soul. Mukesh Bhatt said he was not surprised because he was already in danger of it. Bhatt said he had told his filmmaker brother Mahesh Bhatt that the boy was on his way to Parveen Bobby.

Know Why Mukesh Bhatt's comments on Sushant Singh Rajput are in controversies

Mukesh Bhatt said Sushant had come to work in 2012 on Aashiqui-2 and then Sadak-2, but it could not be done.”Sushant was very impatient to work with our company. However, the date could not be the case. When I was going to make Road 2, Alia and Mahesh Bhatt Sahib said that Sushant wants to work and tell her. Sushant once again came to the office and talked to her. During that time, Sushant talked about the film and many things in life. During the same conversation, I thought Sushant was a very restless soul. I told Sushant to see how to move but eventually, the road 2 didn’t even matter. Sushant thought I was a shaky boy.”

Mukesh Bhatt said, “I worked with Parveen Bobby in the early stages of my career. Parveen bobby was suffering from schizophrenia. When I met Sushant, I thought she was also on the way to Parveen Bobby. I have also learned that Sushant was in touch with doctors about mental health. I met him two or three times and I felt that was unstable. I even asked him if you were okay so he said yes, sir all right, our sources recorded this from Mukesh Bhatt and informed

Bollywood stars reaction on Sushant Singh Rajput death.

Retweeting a video of this excerpt from Mukesh Bhatt’s conversation, Union Minister Babul Supriyo wrote, “I am distressed to hear this from Mukesh Bhatt. You are friends but so easily how are you saying that you knew and you were not surprised. You may not have given Sushant a chance in Road 2 and Aashiqui 2 for commercial reasons, but it is sad that you are his father’s age and did not help.”

Hairstylist Sapna Bhavani posted Sushant, Dhoni, and her picture on Twitter and wrote that Sushant was facing some problems.”It’s not a hidden thing that Sushant had been going through a difficult period for the past few years. No one has been with Sushant. No one came forward to help. Today, everyone is sad to tweet, which shows how hollow the industry is. No one here is your friend.” subscribe for latest Bollywood news, Delhi news , Delhi news for today.


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