Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Home latest news Kim Jong-un made his first appearance in the last 20 days, looked...

Kim Jong-un made his first appearance in the last 20 days, looked healthy.

Pyeongyang: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has come to the fore in public while halting all speculations on his health. Three weeks later, Kim has come to his people. For the past few days, all apprehensions were being imposed on them. North Korea’s official media has released pictures of its leader Kim Jong Un on Saturday. For a few days, there were reports that Kim was seriously healthy and her condition was unstable after a surgery. The pictures that have come up to inaugurate the fertilizer factory have been released by the Rodong Sinmun newspaper. It has reached the inauguration of dictator Kim in a fertilizer factory. The factory is in Sunchon, close to the capital, Pyeongyang. In these pictures, Kim is accompanied by some officers and her sister our sources told

Kim Jong-un looked healthy in his first appearance after 20 days.

Kim has now been seen since April 11. Earlier, there were reports that Kim was either seriously ill or in the com or he died. On Thursday, United Nations (UN) chief Antonio Gutaresh also said he did not have any information about Kim’s health. However, all reports of the poor health of its ruler on behalf of North Korea have been dismissed. Trump speaks to me full information US President Donald Trump had said a few days ago that he would be aware of the health of North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un and the rest of the people would soon be aware of it. On the other hand, South Korean security advisor Moon Chung in had also said that his government’s position was firm that Kim Jong Un was alive and healthy.

Rumours of Kim-jong-un ill deemed fake as he made his latest media appearance.

Kim was last seen at a meeting of the Korea Workers ‘ Party Politburo held on April 11. Since then, he was missing from public functions. On April 15, his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, who is also the foundation of North Korea, is holding a large-scale ceremony in the country and Kim participates every year. But this time he was missing from it and only then was the speculation of his bad health.

Alok Pradhan
Alok Pradhan
Alok pradhan is a Delhi university graduate with more than 10 years of experience



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