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Home Gadgets Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept unveiled, production to start from next year.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept unveiled, production to start from next year.

Jeep has unveiled the Grand Wagner concept, which marks the return of the 3-row model and also the return of the nameplate on what a full-size luxury SUV will be.
Set to go into production by summer next year at the FCA’s Warren Assembly Plant in Michigan next year, the SUV is briefly an SUV version of the Ram 1500 pickup. But, there are differences for both, such as using independent rear suspension setups and obviously the way they look.

Jeep Grand WagoneerConcept unveiled, production to start from next year.

There will be two versions of the car, i.e., Wagner and Grand Wagner. The latter model is expected to be priced at close to $100,000 (Rs 73.47 lakh), while the standard model’s base price is expected to start at $60,000 (Rs 44 lakh).
The design of the car is as blingy as it gets, with large light elements that contain intricate details, ton chrome, 24-inch wheels to make it a full-on rogue SUV concept. Had it been done entirely in black, we could have sworn that this next Bond villain would be used as the personal getaway car.

Inside, we have seven digital screens adorning rich cabins draped in a mixture of leather and wood. The grand wagner name is written at the bottom of the passenger-side screen and even the rear passengers won’t have much to complain in addition to the need to climb about seven km high to enter the long car.
When they enter the car, they will be greeted by captain chairs in the second row, while jeeps may also offer a bench rather than owners should accommodate more people inside.

For sure it’s no Rolls-Royce, but the interior of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer concept sure looks great. Hopefully, jeep maintains this rich look on the production car. In addition, the brand will offer FCA’s latest UConnect 5 infotainment system and as an alternative, there is a premium audio system from McIntosh on the car that will be put on sale.
What’s unclear at the moment is if Jeep will offer SUVs with two different wheelbase lengths like its main rivals. However, what is clear is that the car will be powered by a hybrid powertrain.

There have been speculations that the Ram 1500 could power the 3.6-liter V6 car with a hybrid assist offered on the pickup. But there has been no confirmation on that front. But, the SUV will get a 4-wheel-drive as standard with three different systems, while the air suspension will be an optional addition.
Jeep Grand Wagner Concept
• Jeep has unveiled the Grand Wagner concept
• Luxury SUVs to be put into production next year
• This segment to take on the main American and German rivals

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