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India should give 10,000 ventilators to Pakistan: Shoaib Akhtar

Shoiab Akhtar

shouiab akhtar said india and pakistan should hold a fund raising cricket match.

Photo credit – NDTV

Shoiab Akhtar again found himself in the limelight after his comment on his youtube channel that India and Pakistan should resume cricket to generate funds to fight the coronavirus pandemic. He further said India should give 10,000 ventilators to Pakistan and help with other assistance to Pakistan in a fight with the covid-19 pandemic. He also said that “I have travelled India much more than anybody else in Pakistan, so I know India much better than anybody else does in Pakistan”. Ex Pakistani fast bowler also mentioned in his youtube video that he had explored many parts of India, he is familiar with nature, the culture of India and both the country India and Pakistan are third world nations, and we have large groups of peoples under poverty too. Responding to his comment, ex Indian cricketer and world cup winning captain Kapil dev said that “the situation in which the world is today, we can’t even think of cricket and we don’t need money as of now.”

Talking to a journalist in another youtube video Akhtar said that we could pretty much assume that the twenty-twenty world cup, which is scheduled in 2020, is pretty hard to take place. In this case, what about tv rights, what about star sports like channels who have made enormous investments for such tournaments in buying tv rights. What about the thousands of jobs which a tournament like this creates, many thousands will lose their job. Shoaib Akhtar said that Kapil dev misunderstood his statement, and he didn’t mean that he said: “I was just asking to hold a fundraising match and the revenue which will be generated by this match, both the country should divide this equally it will help in the fight with coronavirus.”

He said giving 10,000 ventilators would be a nice gesture from India to mitigate the hostility, differences and come together in solidarity in the fight to covid-19.
Well, no such demands or any other sort of requests are made by the Pakistani government as of now. Pakistani representatives participated in the Narendra Modi initiative meeting with leaders of the saarc nation to build a strategic alliance and fundraising community to cure the spread of covid-19. Well, whatever the updates are, we will always keep you posted with latest cricket news, latest sports news, subscribe to us now.