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India is heaven for Muslims, Tablighi Jamat do not represent the Indian Muslim community: Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

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 The war against the coronavirus continues in the country, with increasing new cases every day. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said Tuesday morning that 62 deaths and 1543 new cases had been reported in the country in the last 24 hours. India has registered the fastest growth in death cases. According to the ministry, the total number of positive examples of the coronavirus in India has now increased to 29435, with 21632 active cases. Six thousand eight hundred sixty-eight people have been cured, and so far, 934 deaths have been caused by Corona.

Tablight jamat
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Tablighi Jamat has spread coronavirus through criminal conduct: Naqvi

Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, who criticized the Jamaat, said that the people of the Tablighi Jamaat of Delhi’s Markaj had played a significant role in spreading the coronavirus infection, which led to thousands of people being found to be infected, after which the Jamaat people were always on the target. But now the people of the Jamaat who have been cured by treating the infection have offered plasma to the Covid-19 diseases.  As soon as the news came to the fore, Union Minority Affairs Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, while targeting the organization, said that the corona spreads are telling themselves corona warriors, the Union minister also claimed that it was a ‘ Tablighi conspiracy ‘ to prove every Indian Muslim. It is understood that 350 people of the Tablighi Jamaat have decided to make their plasma donate, and it has also started from Monday.

Muslims donating plasma are not Tablighi.

“The sins of an institution cannot be punished to the entire community,” said Naqvi earlier that the sins of a person or an institution cannot be punished to the entire community. He appealed to the Muslim community to follow the lockdown during Ramzan and read prayers at home, in an interview to news agency PTI, Naqvi had said that the Muslims have strongly condemned the crime committed by the Jamaat.   “False news is misleading the people,” and stern action was also sought against them. The entire community cannot be held responsible for the fault and crime of an individual or an organization. Naqvi also condemned the rumor mongers. He said that in this era of the pandemic, those who are misleading people by spreading rumors and false news on social media are also enemies of Insaniyat.

India is heaven for minority and Muslim: Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on OIC remark.

He also mentioned in one of his other tweets that India is heaven for Muslims. He said in his tweet, I quote that India is heaven for minorities and the Muslim community. The economic, social, constitutional, and religious rights are secured in the country. If somebody has any dought on the matter, he or she needs to check the ground reality of the country. The union minister tweet has evoked a viral discussion by both sides in his support and his against as well. His statement came after many Muslims claimed that they are ready for plasma donation to save others irrespective of their caste and religions. Those Muslims were reportedly associated with Tablighi Jamat a source told

Tablighi Jamat does not represent the whole Indian Muslim community.

Union minister mukhtar abbas Naqvi further said that Tablighi jamaat does not represent all of Muslim community India. He said that there is a planned plot to associated all plasma donors Muslim as Tablighi Jamat. Jamat is representative of a small number of Muslims in India, not for all Muslim communities in India. Some patriotic Muslims are indeed donating plasma, but it is not correct to associate all of them with Tablighi Jamat, one of his tweet reads. He furthers said that Tablighi Jamat spread the virus by their criminal conduct, and now they are pretending to be corona warrior. They should be ashamed of themselves; it is disrespectful to lakhs of true corona warriors. For more regular updates, subscribe to



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