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Delhi high court sought a response on directions tp provide food and water to stray animals.

The Delhi High Court has sought a response from the center and the Delhi government on Monday asking a reaction from the center and the Delhi government seeking directions to provide food and water to stray animals during the ongoing lockdown due to coronavirus.  A bench comprising Justices Siddhartha Mridul and Talwant Singh issued notices to the Ministry of Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, Government of Delhi, Animal Welfare Board of India, and municipal bodies. The bench sought a response from respective ministries by June 10, the next date of hearing on the plea. Reportedly after the implementation of nationwide lockdown amid the covid-19 pandemic, the street animals are starving to death as there is no planned structure by the government to feed a hundred thousand stray animals on streets.

Delhi high court sought a response on directions tp provide food and water to stray animals.
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The high court has asked to provide travel possess to volunteers associated with animals’ welfare.

On behalf of the petitioner, Gauri Puri said that the High Court also asked the Delhi government to issue travel passes based on sympathy to the volunteers engaged in the welfare of animals during the lockdown. Central government lawyer Anurag Ahluwalia accepts notice for the ministry. The order came on the plea of Aarti Puri, who has been working for the welfare of cattle for the last 15 years. He said stray animals and other animals mainly depend on the garbage and leftover food of people at restaurants, canteens, and market sites. All of them are closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The petition said that those who used to feed them are also not exiting the houses due to lockdown and, therefore, stray animals are on the verge of starvation.

Stray animals on streets are starving to death under lockdown.

The Delhi high court has granted the concern as a serious matter to look out; therefore, the bench has sought answers and plans for further action by both state and central government on the same. Feeding street animals has become a serious concern as lockdown has prevented people’s movements until it is about essential services, and of course, feeding roadside animals is just a courtesy for many but not a necessary service for which they should risk their life to feed animals. Hence when peoples and responsible organizations are not able to feed animals, it is the sole responsibility of the state government to come up with an action plan to prevent starvation of animals dependent on social and animal welfare associations. Animals like the cow, which can be seen on streets, countrysides, smalls towns, on roads, were mainly dependent on chapatis fed by local natives to them, but since lockdown, they are almost starving as no one is coming out to fed and serve chapatis. in ths=is time of crisis, is making efforts to feed stray animals in streets.

We hope to end this lockdown soon, and normalcy prevails back, but that only seems to possible when the states will have full control over the covid-19 cases. As the rise in cases is on the rapid surge, and hundreds of hotspots are identified and turned into containment zones, this all indicated that lockdown is not ending too early. It may get further extended for two weeks more. Whatever the situation will be, the team of will work tremendously hard to bring raw, original, big, or small news for you. Subscribe to get regular updates.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
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