Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Coronavirus live updates – The Covid- 19 Have Taken The New Dimensions.

The pandemic of coronavirus has already taken the worst dimensions. More than 10,000 deaths already happened worldwide, The Covid-19 outburst, which perpetuated from its birth epicenter of Wuhan, China. Europe has experienced the worst effect of this deadly and fast-spreading life-threatening virus as it is now considered the new epicenter of the virus. Italy, Iran has already observed more than 1000 deaths in their countries. Iran has suffered the worst outcome of the infection as it has crossed 1000 deaths due to the virus. The problem is there is no way found till now to confine the speedy transmission of the Covid-19. All we know as of now is that making social distinctions and minimizing unwanted interaction can help to reduce the number to some extent, and please keep taking coronavirus live updates to ensure safety and precautions.

Washing hands, not touching mouth, face, ears, eyes are some of the precautions we must follow. The late affected country like Indian, which had only 3 cases in Karnataka, here also now the number has started to rise at rapid speed. Till the time I am writing 271 confirmed cases have recognized in India, and already four deaths have taken place. The government has taken some severe and essential measures to minimize the spread of the virus. Prime minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on 19 March at 8 o’clock and asked the government to observe the coming Sunday, which is 21 March 2020 as “Janta curfew.” A curfew by the people, for the people, of the people, along with other preemptive measures. If this self-imposed curfew works well, it will help the government to confine the Covid-19 rapid transmission to some extent, and it can also help in curbing the graph of confirmed corona cases. People are panicked, whereas many are taking their precautionary measures as one of the leaked audio on social media cited that the country of 1.25 billion people might go on complete lockdown, which can lead to civil unrest in many ways. we urge you to not get panic instead keep calm and take coronavirus live updates from authentic sources like chauhansameer.com

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Coronavirus symptoms

There are a few guidelines by the world health organizations for every country. The identified symptoms of Covid-19 are mentioned below.

  1. Cough
  2. Fever
  3. Sore throat pain
  4. Feeling of unwellness
    If anybody shows the above-listed symptoms, then the immediate testing at the nearest Covid-19 testing station is solicited. The who has asked all the governments to tackle the pandemic with the utmost pandemic. We, as educated and responsible civilians, must follow all the precautions and take necessary pre-emptive measures.

Many developed countries, like the United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, have suffered the most dangerous outcomes of the Covid-19. The panic in the United States can be understood by the fact that the Walmart stores are absolutely vacant as the people have started to make the storages for months. Like many teams of doctors, medical scientists of many nations are trying their level best to find the cure of the deadly virus. The team of doctors in almost every suffering country is working day and night, and their service for humankind in the contemporary apocalypse is more than appreciable. In India, PM Modi has urged people to clap for 5 minutes on Sunday 21 march for those who are offering and practicing daily selfless service in public services. In this global pandemic, what we can do at least that we can help the government by taking all the necessary precautions, washing our hands at regular intervals, not moving out unnecessary to help the government in stopping this pandemic. We can all pray for those who are suffering to get well soon, and we must also take care of ourselves, our families, and our society so that everybody of us remains alive, remains healthy and wellbeing. Let us all come together in this hard time and help each other to fight with this enemy of micro size.

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