Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Home world news Coronavirus live update India: the situation is going out of control now.

Coronavirus live update India: the situation is going out of control now.

Coronavirus Update India: Coronavirus conditions in India uncontrollable, record 3656 cases in the last 24 hours Coronavirus Update India. Coronavirus has entered the third round in many cities in India. In Maharashtra, 1567, cases have come on May 4. The number of corona virus-infected in the country has gone up to 46549. Coronavirus Update India: The government’s exemption under Lockdown 3.0 is now falling heavily. The cases of coronavirus in India are increasing wildly. Record 3656 cases have been reported in the last 24 hours. Out of these, the infection has been confirmed in 1567 people in Maharashtra only. The number of coronaviruses infects in India has now risen to 46549. In many cities in India, the coronavirus has entered the third round of infection. Apart from Mumbai in Maharashtra, Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Chennai in Tamil Nadu are in bad shape. More than 2,000 infected have been found in three major cities of the country on May 4. According to statistics, 3656 people have been found infected with coronavirus across the country on May 4 our sources coveted

The total number of cases surpassed 46000 tallies.

Thereafter, the total number of coronavirus infections has gone up to 46549. Out of these, 32054 patients are undergoing treatment in hospitals. Twelve thousand nine hundred nineteen people have gone home right now. One thousand five hundred seventy-two people have died from the coronavirus. In 24 hours, there have been reports of only one relief amid the uncontrollable situation of the coronavirus in More than one thousand. For the first time in the country, more than 1 thousand patients have been cured within 24 hours. According to statistics, 1084 people have been cured on May 4. In three states, 2400 cases have come to only three states out of the corona virus-infected in the country on May 4. More than 2450 infected have been found in Maharashtra-Tamil Nadu and Gujarat. Maharashtra has the highest of 1567 patients. While 527 people in Tamil Nadu and 376 in Gujarat have been affected by the epidemic. In addition, 349 in Delhi, 175 in Rajasthan, 130 in Punjab, 121 in Uttar Pradesh, and 105 in Madhya Pradesh have been found. The situation in countries like the US-Spain is much worse than India’s death of 2.5 lakh all over the world. According to statistics, 36.43 lakh people have been affected by the disease. Out of these, 11.94 lakh patients have been cured. More than 69 thousand patients have died in the US. subscribe to keep getting the latest updates.


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