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Coronavirus cases surpassed 4000; death toll reached 100

Coronavirus cases in india.

coornavirus cases in india.

The ministry of health and family welfare said that the total number of positive cases in India has surpassed the 4000 marks whereas the death toll has reached 100. Out of the total positive cases around 3600 are positive and around 292 patients have been cured, discharged or migrated. Horrifying news from Punjab came on Sunday where 60-year-old women consumed poison in fear of coronavirus. She was suffering from throat problems, however, doctors said that she was healthy and was suffering only from sore throat. The cases in India are on a rapid surge as it has taken only 2 days from 3000 to reach 4000. The state-wise number of cases are given below.

Maharashtra – 738

Tamil Nadu – 571

Delhi – 503

Telangana – 321

Kerala – 314

The number in India was very much under control till the time a case of Delhi situated Nizamuddin erupted which has shocked everyone. Around 3000 Muslims were present and left in a single building for many days. These Muslims were arrived from several parts of the world to practice Markaz at Nazimuddin situated mosque. More than 1000 associated with Tablighi Jamaat attended Markaz has been found positive toll known and more than 2000 reports of the test is still pending. However, the medical authority of India has denied any community transmission as of now and they have said that the greatest number of cases are coming from Tablighi Jamaat, and we have not entered the community transmission phase as of now.  The country of 1,3 billion people is under a 21-day long lockdown. We will keep you updated and subscribe to us for the latest updates.

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