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coronavirus cases have crossed 3 million marks.

coronavirus cases

Total number of coronavirus cases has crossed 3 million mark.

Coronavirus: The number of coronaviruses infects worldwide crossed 3millio the Coronavirus has caused havoc. 10 lakh 10 thousand 356 cases have been reported so far. 56 thousand 797 people have died.   The Coronavirus, which started from China’s Wuhan, has wreaked havoc in more than 180 countries around the world. The number of patients infected across the globe has crossed 30 lakh. So far, more than 2.11 lakh people have died due to the virus. According to media reports, 30 lakh 64 thousand 255 cases of Coronavirus have been reported worldwide. Whereas, 2 lakh eleven thousand 537 people have died, and 9 lakh 22 thousand 387 people have been cured. Corona has caused the worst devastation in the United States that the Coronavirus has caused havoc in the world’s strongest America. 10 lakh 10 thousand 356 cases have been reported so far. 56 thousand 797 people have died.

One lakh 38 thousand 990 corona infected patients have been cured, and 8 lakh 14 thousand 569 active cases. After the US, the impact of the Coronavirus visible in Spain is that the worst effect of the Coronavirus is being seen in Spain after the US. In Spain, 2 lakh 29 thousand 422 cases have been reported so far. While 23 thousand 521 people have lost their lives. 1 lakh 20 thousand 832 patients have been cured. 85 thousand 69 cases are active. For information, let’s tell you that US President Donald Trump has not announced a lockdown in the country. The stay at home directive is still in force. People have been asked to stay in homes. But even after that, people are looking at roads and parks.

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coronavirus vaccine

Around 80 companies from several parts of the world are currently working on the covid-19. One of the vaccines made by oxford university researchers was tested on humans too. In essence, the government is backing full support to big or small vaccine manufacturers and researchers working on the cure. One good news from India is that a hospital in Delhi has successfully conducted plasma therapy on few covid-19 patients, which was claimed successfully by the state governments. Some other provinces of India are doing plasma therapy for covid-19 patients.

What is plasma therapy

It is a therapy by which some healthy people donate their plasma to covid-19 patients, which helps the patient in building their immunity. This therapy helps the patients to recover from covid-19 infection sooner than usual treatment claimed by the Delhi government. sources told that this therapy is seen as an alternate treatment methodology by governments till the time authentic vaccine gets discovered by researchers.