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The corona virus pandemic and its effect on economy

The whole world is in a fight with an enemy of the micro size, which we can’t even see. The human race has come together in solidarity like never before to fight and beat one of the most severe and deadly viruses ever known. The Covid-19 reportedly originated from Wuhan; China has now spread legs across every part of the world where human life is in existence. Till I am writing, it has already taken more than 15000 lives and has incubated its presence in more than 350000 human bodies. The impact is so severe that half the world is observing lockdown, curfew has imposed in almost every big and significant city on the planet. Shops, malls, stores, commercial outlets, offices, restaurants, cinema complexes, bars, gyms are ordered to shut. Gathering of more than five is prohibited in almost every part of the world.        Italy, China, Iran, Germany, Spain have suffered the most out of Covid-19. Society is already in a panic, and the corona virus news has negative impact on the economy has taken the world into a new crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic and its effect on economy

Once the battle with coronavirus ends, the world will again have to come together to fight the new crisis of economic slowdown. It has already resulted in a strike on import; export is almost contrary. The shipping from china is almost detrimental amid fears of coronavirus spread. Currently, all the MNCs and big organizations have asked their employees to work from home. Still, we don’t need rocket science to understand that the work from home can’t produce the quality of work which is required to and expected, neither can it meet the demands. When it comes to working for companies engaged in services, can uphold work from home, of course, but what about the manufacturing industry, what about the production industry, can work from home conduct the hardware productions. Absolutely no, it can’t. One of the biggest motorbike manufacturing companies, Hero motor corps in India, has shut all its manufacturing units nationwide till the next notice. The auto industry has discontinued its operations in almost every major part of the world.

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The impact of curfew on daily wagers

It is true that social distancing, lockdown is imperative now to fight corona. Still, the other part of the picture is that daily wagers like construction workers, laborers, auto-rickshaw drivers, cab drivers, carpenters, etc. have left with no other way to make they’re earning till this pandemic because of this tiny but deadly Covid-19 gets prevented. It is now almost crystal clear that the corona will leave the world in crisis, in one of the most significant economic slowdowns.  China is alleged to hide this outbreak of corona virus news from world leaders. Trump, on another day, while addressing the media, has termed Covid-19 as the Chinese virus and has also alleged the world is suffering. Innocents are losing their lives because China didn’t report or shared this news with the global community.  This pandemic has created a negative impact on China, which will sooner or later affect the Chinese economy on a larger scale for the world. Let us stay healthy, united against all the crises, together we can excel, together we can win, together we will overcome for sure and visit chauhansameer.com to get updates on corona virus news.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhanhttp://mydreamwheel.com
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of chauhansameer.com media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded chauhnsameer.com in 2018.


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