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Commendable effort by Modi government to evacuate Indian natives from Wuhan the focal realm of coronavirus.

China is suffering from the major outbreak of the coronavirus and the city of Wuhan is considered as the focal realm as the city’s meat market is found to be the origin of this dangerous and speedy perpetuated virus. All countries are taking necessary measures and precautions to ensure that the virus does not enter their territory. To ensure that many nations have decided to call their citizens from china and make them undergo medical test on the airport itself to prevent the transmission of the virus.

The Modi government has taken a big and commendable step to rescue and evacuate all Indian-origin students and citizens living in or around the city of Wuhan. By the time I am writing more than 650 Indian natives have been evacuated consisting mainly of students and they all have gone through medical check-up at the airport as well. 7 citizens of Maldive has also been evacuated in this operation on Maldives government requests.

By the time I am writing 3 infected cases of coronavirus has been found in Kerala, all of them were living in China during this dangerous outbreak of the virus. In Kerala, all three infected with coronavirus have been isolated under the constant medical scanner. The Government has also issued advisories related to the symptoms and precautions of this virus. 

 This is again a message from nature that nature has enough to satisfy human needs, but not enough to satisfy human’s greed. The Wuhan meat market, which is reportedly the origin of this deadly virus, is a staple for a variety of non-veg foods. There were about 112 different animal species in the market and they were used as edible dishes. We should comprehend the message of nature and ponder to make some affirmatory decisive decisions. we can only pray to recover soon for all who are infected and fighting with the enemy we can’t even see by our naked eyes. We also console the families who have lost their loved ones in this outbreak.

We also applaud and thanks to the Indian government’s firm stand and swift effort to take responsibility for all Indian people living in the danger zone of coronavirus, whereas it can be heard in the video above how Pakistani students are showing their angst to their government to not evacuate them.

                                                                                            Author – Sameer Chauhan