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China’s aggression and attempts of encroachment on LAC are worthless.

China is not only trying to encroach on the Indian border but is also provoking Nepal. Consequently, border disputes and military clashes have begun with China and Nepal. From Ladakh to Sikkim, there are ten sites along the Loc where China continues to dispute again and again. China’s aggression is meant to create undue pressure on India. In fact, the Corona crisis has created a global image of mishandler foe china, This has hurt China.  When the whole world, including India and China, is looking for ways to relieve the corona crisis.

China's aggression and attempts of encroachment on LAC are worthless.

While India has introduced generosity in distress by giving about 100 countries a non-government drug hydroxychloroquine drug-free on Covid-19, China has carried out the epidemic to the world by hiding the reality of the coronavirus. India is a big market for Chinese products, but in this crisis, India has blown China’s senses by introducing a strong will to become a self-reliant India. Two multinational companies have started their foothold in India by covering trade with China. China’s trouble the US has also extended several trade restrictions. Clearly, China wants to jolt India’s self-reliant initiative. The Chinese army has increased the number of troops in the Paigongtso Lake and the Galwan Valley along the line of actual control in Ladakh. It is also reported that 100 new tents have been provided in this terrain and machines have been installed for construction of the houses. The seriousness of the situation also shows that army chief Mam Narwane had to make a sudden visit to eastern Ladakh on May 22.

At present, 800 to 1000 Chinese soldiers are hovering around the LAC within 80 km radius of the disputed sites. In response, India has also deployed its jawans at a distance of 300 to 500 metres from Chinese troops. The Paigongtso Lake is spread over a length of 134 km between India and China. The Galvan Valley is located between Ladakh and Aksai China. This is the disputed site now. The Galvan River Valley area was also a major war place in the Indo-China Battle held in 1962. However, this time China is claiming that the entire Galvan Valley has the same right. While India is trying to bring about a unilateral change on the Loc by creating a strategic base here. So, China has said that this area will not allow the second Doklam to become. An article published in the Global Times, therefore, says that India has made illegal constructions in the area, which has led to the increase in military activities. In fact, China is thinking that India is currently struggling to get rid of the corona, so India can be easily suppressed.

There is also a persistent dispute over Aksai Chin, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and Doklam from China. Even on Doklam, China asserts its ownership, while in fact it is the territory of Bhutan’s ownership. China is trying to have permanent infiltration into the region on the pretext of road. While Bhutan considers it an attack on its sovereignty. In fact, China has been engaged in the exercise that the Chumba Valley, which grows with a width of 15 kilometres towards Siliguri in the right maghya of Bhutan and Sikkim, takes a large part of it on the pretext of road construction. China had also lured Bhutan to fulfil the objective of giving 269 square kilometres of the Doklam plateau to China and in turn taking about 500 square kilometres of land in the north-west region of Bhutan. But Bhutan made it clear that it was not sanctioned the proposal. This firmly of the small country is hurting China. So, like the injured snake, he is trying to take India and Bhutan with his own inflating.

As per the treaty between India and Bhutan in 1950, a contingent of the Indian Army is always stationed in Bhutan to impart training to the Bhutanese army. In May 1976, Sikkim became a part of India due to the efficient diplomacy of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Sikkim is the only state which has a border with China. This limit was ensured on the basis of a treaty with China in 1898. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru accepted the treaty between China and British India through a letter in 1959. While China pretended to be a friend of India, it never showed a friend-like generosity. His behaviour has always been like a knife beside Ram in the mouth. The Indo-China War of 1962 is the result of this. Because with the slogan of Hindi-Chinese, brothers and brothers and the praise of Panchsheel, China had spoken this attack. While Nehru had a cordial relationship with China’s powerful leader Matse Tung and Chau N Lai, Nehru could not understand China’s move to barking razors in the back of a friend.

However, as per the China and Bhutan border treaty in 1998, both the countries are obliged to accept the condition in which the status of 1959 is to be restored. Nevertheless, China is keen to change the situation on the pretext of road, and it also creates war situations. India calls this disputed area Dokala, Bhutan Doklam and China Doglong. This is an area where the density of population is minimal. There was a report of the US Defence Ministry in June-2016, cautioning India that China is increasing its military power and strategic traffic resources on the borders adjoining India. There is a border dispute between India and China over Aksai Chin, about 4000 km and Sikkim 220 km. In Tibet and Arunachal also, China continues to dispute with border intervention. In 2015, the Chinese troops entered the Indian border of northern Ladakh and started military exercises by thickening their tents.

The Chinese army then returned after a 5-day dialogue between the military officers of the two countries. China also continues to raise water disputes by constructing dams on the Brahmaputra River. In fact, China has the mindset of an expansionist and chauvinistic nation. This has led to the embattled Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries over its monopoly on the South China Sea. The matter is also pending in the international panchayat. In fact, China has introduced an amendment bill in the law to bring Hong Kong under the ambit of national security policy. If it is passed, foreign interference will also be curbed as well as anti-China activities in Hong Kong. Similarly, China wants to usurp Taiwan. TaiwanEse President Tsai Ing-wen has announced the upholding of independence at all times. Nevertheless, China neither wants to desist from its recalcitrant attitude nor want to put a pause on the expansionist policy. subscribe for latest opinions, delhi news, delhi news today.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded in 2018.


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