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China is making attempts to exploit Pakistan and Srilanka amid COVID pandemic says us think tank.

U.S. think tank claims China wants to exploit Pakistan and Sri Lanka amid pandemic. The US is constantly targeting China amid the Corona crisis. Meanwhile, a US think tank has claimed that China is trying to strengthen its position by taking advantage of the economic situation of many countries to strengthen its relationship with them in the wake of the Corona epidemic.   According to media reports, the US think tank claims that China wants to strengthen its position by strengthening their relations by taking advantage of the economic situation in Pakistan and Sri Lanka due to the Corona epidemic. The US and India should formulate a plan to stop China. China’s growing presence in the Indian Ocean is a concern in India. India has been trying to enhance maritime cooperation with countries in the region, including Sri Lanka, Maldives, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Singapore, mainly in order to curb China’s growing aggression.

China is making attempts to exploit Pakistan and Srilanka amid COVID pandemic says us think tank.

According to the think tank ‘ Hudson Institute ‘, the Coronavirus epidemic is not only threatening life and livelihood in South Asia but can also lead to significant political and strategic changes in the region. In a joint written report by Indian-origin scholar Aparna Pandey of the Institute and former Pakistan ambassador to the US Hussain Haqqani, the think tank said that the economies of India and Bangladesh will avoid devastation, but their governments have to sustain economic growth by preserving and promoting investment. “Pakistan and Sri Lanka will probably move towards negative growth and they will need debt relief from international lenders,” it said. Without this, Sri Lanka is likely to have a large debt default. The two countries are likely to look to China as their salutary, as their leaders seem to have been doing for some time. ‘

According to the report ‘Crisis from Kolkata to Kabul: Impact of Covid-19 in South Asia’, China can put pressure on debt-ridden governments in South Asia under exchanges for their own benefit. “This will be at the cost of India’s security in the region and the influence of the US,” said the Hudson Institute report released this week. India and the US should formulate a plan to stop China trying to strengthen its position in the Indian Ocean by strengthening relations with Pakistan and Sri Lanka. China has been engaged in seeking the help of Pakistan and Sri Lanka for its ambitious ‘Belt and Road’ scheme and has been criticized for the fact that it is trying to trap economically weaker countries in debt for their own benefit. The report says that Pakistan is not paying attention to India’s initiative to work together with the region from the threat posed by The Covid-19 and is raising the Kashmir issue even at this challenging time. Despite the fact that Pakistan lacks the resources to strengthen its army against India, it can increase the use of sub-traditional warfare in an attempt to show itself above India. The report says that international pressure, especially the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), may require sanctions to curb anti-India sentiment in Pakistan’s civil and military leaders. It says that in the past, Pakistan has used natural calamities to infiltrate terrorists into India. Indian officials are concerned that Pakistan can also use Kovid-19 as madness to do so. “Although there is no possibility of a full-fledged war in the subcontinent,” the report says. But the tension between India and Pakistan is likely to continue to disrupt regional cooperation efforts. Such cooperation can make economic reconstruction easier, which will certainly happen when the pandemic is over. subscribe for Delhi news, Delhi news today, latest Delhi news.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded in 2018.


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