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The Battle of Wuhan, how china countered the corona pandemic

The epicentre and the birthplace of coronavirus where the covid-19 originated from have fought its struggle of life and death. The human existence in Wuhan, one of the cities of Huawei province of china, has suffered and infected with one of the most deadly and unknown viruses which have crossed the territory of China and have now permeated in almost every part of the planet. The city of Wuhan itself has suffered the most as more than 80,000 local natives of the town found infected with Covid -19 and more than 300 death register in the city. Wuhan meat market, which was alleged to sell more than 100 species of animal meat, has taught the birth and transmission of the corona, which has created such havoc and pandemic to the world. But now it is said that the city has observed unprecedented recovery from the virus, whereas the world is still suffering its severe impact. The claim of the Chinese government that on the march of 18th 2020, the country has registered negative local diagnosis of the corona, has shaken the world.

Wuhan lockdown and disconnected to rest of the country

The country which is responsible for this pandemic, the country which also has initially suffered the most out of it, has managed to run an unprecedented operation to control the spread of the virus. I was not alone who got shocked by the Chinese government’s claim that they have managed to control, and they are now better under control of the situation. In contrast, the other parts of the world like Iran, Italy, the United States, Germany, Spain are observing hundreds of deaths everyday combinedly. The world wants to know the unknown nature of covid-19 for which still the doctors and medical scientists haven’t got any cure for, how china manages to operate such a flawless operation. We did some research on Chinese enterprises, especially in the epicenter of Wuhan, that helped the nation to get rid of covid-19.  The communist government took the problem seriously; they took the first action in which they forcefully cut off the city of Wuhan from the rest of the nation. The transport movements were prevented entirely. The whole city was locked down; people were not allowed to move out of their buildings, home, wherever they were.   They took some harsh actions and preventive measures, which were also against human compassion sometimes, but they did so to prevent the spread of the virus. A leaked paper was allegedly claiming that the communist government has taken the court order to burn down 20,000 bodies

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to stop the virus transmission. This is only one of the reported conspiracy theories which cite that the Chinese government has hidden the actual numbers of fatality and infected patients of the coronavirus. This negligence, this hidden of real data, is responsible for the super spared of this virus transmission, another report cites.

China initial strategy and action to counter covid-19

China initially was working on the strategy to hide this news and stop the spread on virus at anu cost, but somehow it didn’t work the news outreached later on. China has also not intimidated world leaders of the Corona situation initially and has also denied any news of this sort, which is accountable for thousands of global deaths. Some other harsh measures taken by the Chinese were that when they locked down the entire city of Wuhan, then they began the search and testing operation of the infected in the whole town. The Chinese authority and medical team moved almost every local household of Wuhan and forcefully captured and isolated the peoples in different quarantine centres whosoever deemed in the diagnosis of the virus. It was harsh, inhuman, but somehow it worked and helped the Chinese to mitigate the transmission numbers and ultimately control the whole spread of the virus.

One of the other apparent efforts and action was taken by the Chinese that reported to build the 10000-bed hospital in just a short span of 10 days. The forceful necessary quarantine has not only prevented the community transmission, but the lockdown also worked as it led to the deaths of viruses on the surfaces. One can criticize the action taken by the Chinese communist government to cure the transmission. Still, one can also appreciate that somehow, they managed to save thousands of lives, and they controlled the situation, which could be more severe. The countries undergoing destructive and unstoppable transmission of covid-19 can learn a lot from the Chinese operations to save their territory. Let us come together. Let us fight together.

Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan
Sameer Chauhan is an experienced author, journalist and founder of media network. he holds more than 6 years of experience in the news writing industry. He founded in 2018.



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