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Home Entertainment After Faizal, his brother Aamir Siddiqui Tiktok's account suspended.

After Faizal, his brother Aamir Siddiqui Tiktok’s account suspended.

After Faizal, his brother Aamir Siddiqui Tiktok’s account suspended, the action taken on many complaints. Faizal had been on the target of users over the acid video for quite some time. At the same time, casting director Noor Siddiqui had made a threatening message to send the case, the Tiktalk controversy is still not being named as mindless. In view of this, (TikTok Star) Tiktalk also suspended his brother Aamir’s (Account Suspend) account after Faijal Siddiqui, while the petition of casting director Noor Siddiqui is also being reported behind the suspension of Aamir Siddiqui’s (Tiktok Suspend Accounted) Tiktalk account. They have to take this decision due to the continuous decline in the rating of Tik Tok. 38 lakh followers on Aamir’s account in fact, in the dispute between YouTube and (TikTok Community) Tiktalk community, his brother Aamir Siddiqui along with Faizal Siddiqui) Faijal Siddiqui also came to the news.

After Faizal, his brother Aamir Siddiqui Tiktok's account suspended

In the meantime, some people also targeted them. Now, amidst the ongoing protests, Tiktalk has also suspended Aamir Siddiqui’s Account Suspend account after Faizal. While Aamir Siddiqui’s account had about 3.8 million followers, i.e., 38 lakh followers. Their videos have also been liked a lot. Aamir also posts and shares his videos on The Tiktalk (Instagram Profile) on Instagram profiles. That is why Aamir’s Instagram also increased popularity. They have more than 5 lakh followers. Aamir made a video against the YouTube community, after which he was in more news. The casting director had alleged that Aamir Siddiqui had lodged a complaint with the police alleging that casting director Noor Siddiqui was sending threatening messages. At the same time, he also complained to Tiktalk India. Now Noor Siddiqui’s lawyer Ali Khasif claimed that Aamir’s account had been suspended after my client took legal action against him. subscribe for latest news, delhi news, delhi news today.

shubham panchal
shubham panchal
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