Sunday, September 20, 2020
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Home latest news A man died in Uttar Pradesh after returning from Mumbai.

A man died in Uttar Pradesh after returning from Mumbai.

Photo Credit – Dainik Bhaskar

Uttar Pradesh:  A man who was quarantined in Shravasti district in a government school which was turned as a quarantine center died on Monday. He reached the native village from Mumbai on Monday morning. But after reaching the town, he was quarantined. After about four hours of quarantine, his health deteriorated, and he succumbed. The death of the young man stirred up in the health department and administration. The health department has sent a sample of the man to the Covid-19  test and further investigation.  The man was stranded in Mumbai, and after many attempts, finally, on Monday, he reached his native place Sravasti in Uttar Pradesh.

Photo credit- Al Jazeera

The man died just after 4 hours in quarantine.

The case is from The village of Mathanwa in the Malhipur police station area of Sravasti. A young village resident came to his town on foot through Bahraich at around 7 in the morning. He was quarantined in the primary school here, which was turned into a temporary quarantine center till the covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.  But at about 10.30 a.m, he began vomiting with abdominal pain. The village panchayat and other government officials were informed about the deterioration of the man’s condition. Till the time the ambulance managed to reach on the spot of CHCs, By then, the man succumbed to death, a source informed The administration was stirred up in the responsibilities when the incident was reported.  Dr. AP Bhargava reached the quarantine site with colleagues. The CMO said that the sample of the deceased man had been sent for investigation.

Eight other members of his family under quarantine.

Eight people of the family who came in contact with him after arriving at the quarantine center have been quarantined at school. The body has been placed in the post-mortem house. The funeral process will be decided after the sample report comes. Any further details can only be given after the post- mortem report, whether the man was infected with covid-19 is a big question, but we will have to wait till the report of the test arrives. The villagers have a sense of fear after this incident as quite a few people came in his contact and also with his family contact. Therefore authorities have asked all eight members of his family for immediate testing, and police are trying to take if anybody else has come in contact. 

Coronavirus cases in Uttar Pradesh

 One thousand nine hundred eighty-six infected corona cases in up the corona virus-infected cases in Uttar Pradesh have increased to 1986. According to the latest information released like the Directorate of Health Services, 113 new patients of Corona have been infected late Monday evening, after which 1986 cases have been reported in the state. They said that 399 patients were healthy who have been discharged from the hospital. Agara is worst affected till now by pandemic as the city has the maximum number of hotspots. Good news arrived on Sunday that around ten hotspots in Uttar Pradesh have been turned to a green zone, which means these hotspots are now entirely risk-free. The cases in the state are under control, but the state governments are not in the mood to give any ease or relaxation over lockdown to take a good hold of the situation and stop any further spread of covid-19. We will bring any new updates on the matter as soon as we get till then subscribe to to get regular updates.

Alok Pradhan
Alok Pradhan
Alok pradhan is a Delhi university graduate with more than 10 years of experience



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