the instability of the human brain

humans have accomplished some daunting scientific successes and have developed some great machinery, but still, the most complex machine they find is eventually a human brain. why even after developing such technological advancements, we humans are lacking with the peace of mind. we often come across this fact that the human body is a most complex machine and brain which operates our body is such robust that it can almost do anything or everything.

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the human compassion

a young boy from Mizoram has won the Internet over with his innocence, empathy and adorable eye expression with full of grief, guilt, and grievances to himself. Derek C Lalchhanhima from Sairang, all of 6 years old, has gone viral for trying to help a chicken that he accidentally ran over with his bicycle. the feeling of guilt, agony, and pain can be simply seen in his eyes. the feeling of compassion and mercy for the chicken possessed by the kid is a lesson to the world to letup all their jealousy and hatred, lets us be kind to every being. A post which shows him with the chicken in one hand and a ten-rupee note in the other has gone massively viral online, collecting 1-lakh reactions and more than 70,000 shares.

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